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Quick Ways to Insulate Your Home This Winter

When winter comes along and the temperatures drop, your once warm and cozy home can get a bit cool and drafty. But it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; there are many ways to keep your heating and energy bills in check. Our house is 112 years old and believe me, there are some cold spots. […]

Same Project Different Results {A Craft Fail}

Aside from the dining room projects one other room in my house that has been getting spiffed up lately is my home office. Due to some building renovations at work, I’ve been working from home for a bit and it was the perfect excuse to really take the plunge and decorate the space to my […]

How to Make House Plants Look Pretty

I realized sometime this year that I don’t have many house plants in my life and I want more.  I always see beautiful pictures of all colors and shapes and realize this little bit of nature is what my home is missing.  I mentioned this to my mom the other week and she was lovely […]

Down the Block Dresser

It isn’t very often that I find a fabulous free item on the curb that I just need to have so I carry it home with me. So when I do, I get really excited. Kind of like this wire spool I grabbed from the neighbor’s front yard on trash day. Thanks to Beth who figured […]


Yesterday marked one year since The Chef and I packed up our little apartment, climbed up and down the stairs about 2,176 times and moved into our very first home. It seems like just last month! OK, well not really, but we’re simply loving this house of ours and so this week I want to show […]

A Window Treatment Idea

The other day while trying to get my Google Reader down under 1,000 I was perusing through the Tip Junkie blog. You all know about Laurie and her amazing blogs right? Well I came across Tip Junkie Decorating – all the best home decor ideas and DIY in one place, love it! While reading through […]

A Risky Rug

Sometimes I’m a last minute kind of girl, like right now. I saw this amazing blog party topic this morning so I’m derailing all my plans to write about a rug.  Yes, a rug.The Nester declared it National {not really} Take a Risk Day. Bold right? Exciting? For sure. I had to be involved and […]