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Progress in the Side Foyer

Sometimes my hubs and I text each other during the day to make plans for the evening. One time I told him my plan was to put up the shelves and hooks in the side foyer I’d been working on. So imagine my surprise when I came home to find them up on the wall. […]

Progress in the Side Foyer

Happy Monday all. How was your weekend? Did you get a lot of things done, did you have some fun? Did you take some time to relax? I did all of the above. On Friday I announced to the world I was going to make progress on the side foyer come heck or high water! […]

2011 In Review

Happy 2012! Hope you have a fun and festive New Year’s. I’m still enjoying some time off of work and have been lounging at home for a few days, it’s wonderful 🙂 I’ve had some time to look back on what I’ve accomplished last year too. Sometimes I forgot all that I’ve done and it’s […]

Found Objects Gallery Wall

I absolutely love living in an old house. The character in our home is so special and once in a while we find neat objects in different places. A while back I showed you some objects we found since we moved in last June, which included an old racket, some wooden rulers, and a non-working […]

Found in Our House

You know I’ve recently been making over our side foyer. This was an area of the house that we didn’t paint right away, but it became part of our great basement makeover and I’m still working on some finishing touches. The other week I had the idea to make a sort of gallery wall of […]

My House is Trying to Tell Me Something

Happy Friday all! It’s the weekend and you know what that means….projects! I swear once Friday afternoon hits, I pull out my iphone {I’m trying to go paperless} and start making a list of things I want to accomplish over the next 48 hours.  Productivity obsessed? Maybe. Lover of homey stuff? I think so. While […]

The Lighting Department Part 2

Owning an old house comes with many old house quirks.  One such quirk is our lighting.  I’ve redone some lamps for rooms in the house, but Part 2 of the lighting project is our overhead light. For the most part the lighting is updated throughout the house. While the wiring is mostly good, the fixtures, […]