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Want to find out more about me, my house, or my projects? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions right here. My House Q: I hear your house is old? A: Yes it is. Our home was built in 1900, and is a 3-story Colonial. We live in the city so many of the […]

Why I’ll Never Paint Our Wood Trim

In most design magazines these days you see beautiful white shiny trim, doors, and molding.  It’s pretty much the standard for crown, baseboard, windows, and the like. White framed walls, floors and windows are bright, beautiful, not to mention crisp, clean and simple. And I love them. In my old house all of our trim […]

Curtain Updates

Our 112-year-old house comes with a fair number of unusual quirks. One of which is the windows. We have huge windows.  With our 9 foot ceilings, and 8 inch moldings, the length from the floor to the top of the window frames is about 89 inches.  That makes it hard to fit store-bought curtains for […]

The Lighting Department Part 2

Owning an old house comes with many old house quirks.  One such quirk is our lighting.  I’ve redone some lamps for rooms in the house, but Part 2 of the lighting project is our overhead light. For the most part the lighting is updated throughout the house. While the wiring is mostly good, the fixtures, […]

My Office, A Space with Potential

In our house we’re lucky enough to have four bedrooms. This means one for us, one for The Chef’s office, one guest room and one soon-to-be-all-me space, my office. My office is in the front of the house which faces North and gets a good amount of light but currently is in sad shape. I’ve […]