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Welcome: Before Meets After

Continuing today with our Haven tour of friends is a sweet lady from the South – Lisa from Before Meets After. Now Lisa was one of the ladies who I met at the wrong Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Turns out I’m glad we showed up at the wrong restaurant! She was even sweet enough to […]

Yes I Painted Laminate Furniture

I seem to be paying a lot of attention to my living room lately. With the new silver dresser in the front of the space, I’m all about sprucing up that side of the house since we spend so much time there.When I finish a project I tend to stare at it for a long […]

The Kitchen a Year Later

Welcome back to our week-long celebration of being a year-young new homeowner. This past weekend was our one year anniversary that we moved into our home, also known as move-a-versary. Like that term? You can use it 🙂 Today come with me into the kitchen, the heart of the home. And I have to say […]

Kitchen Art

Our kitchen is one of the most used room in our home. Probably in yours too right?  Because we spend so much time there, the kitchen was one of the first rooms I painted just before we moved in.  Since then I’ve been adding and subtracting some things here and there. One of them is […]