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Bathroom Updates: Primed Ceiling and Painted Heat Register

Since my bathroom makeover plan got longer recently, I’ve been working to make some serious progress on the to do list. For a small bathroom, it certainly has a lot of items that need attention. Next up was to paint the heat register and repair and paint the ceiling. I am just about painting everything […]

Grasscloth Bookshelves Furniture Move

Sometimes I have an idea for where I want furniture to go in our house even though it’s not currently in that location, I imagine what I could move where to make a space or certain corner look and function better. This was the case with a set of small bookshelves that had been in […]

How to Make a Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier

Hello! I’ve got a little how to for you today, it’s how to make a wax paper capiz shell chandelier which we hung in our master closet.  I had seen both real and fake capiz shell chandys and kept the project in the back of my mind for a rainy day – or a closet renovation […]

High Gloss on the Ceiling

Since our closet makeover is nearing the painting stage I’ve been looking for some inspiration for the space. Gathering inspiration is my favorite thing to do so I’m really excited about this part. Since it’s just a simple 4 x 6 foot box I thought we could do something different in there. Maybe a stencil on […]

Our Bedroom a Year Later

Happy Thursday all. Are you up for another room tour at my place? This week I’m celebrating move-a-versary, the one year mark of owning our first home so we’re taking a peek at what I’ve done to the place these past 12 months. Tuesday you saw the foyer and yesterday was the kitchen. Are you […]