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31 Days of Pumpkins Wrap Up

Well I can’t believe that my first 31 Days series is now in it’s last day. It’s actually been really fun to be “obligated” to write a post every singe day for 31. But I took on this challenge to actually see if I could do it and am happy I did. I only missed […]

Pumpkins You Can Frame, Scrub With and Mail

Today we took a little road trip to see a friend who makes paper goods at a holiday craft fair in her town. It got me to thinking about pumpkins and how they’re not just large orange fruit that we cut up every October, but a genuine seasonal icon.  Here are some other ways to […]

Cooking with Pumpkins Recipes

Fall means snuggling inside with loved ones, enjoying rainy days, crisp air and seasonal food. What better way to enjoy all of the above than with some pumpkin recipes. Let me know if you make these, I sure have some on my list for our upcoming pumpkin carving party. Breakfast Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with caramel […]

Today We Bought Pumpkins

Although it’s October 8th, I like to be prepared, so this morning we headed out to the farmers market to shop for pumpkins. After all our second annual BYOP {Bring Your Own Pumpkin} carving party is only two weeks away. They had so many varieties of gourds. I love all the colors and shapes. So […]

Pumpkins with Flash

Since it’s Friday and I’m feeling frisky, my post today in the 31 Days of Pumpkins series will be about sparkle, glitter, bling! Pumpkins that are shiny shiny, come look. Twig & Thistle did this amazing pumpkin craft with some glitter and a tea light. Look what you can make at home right now. Rachel’s […]

How to Grow Pumpkins

If you love getting pumpkins each fall to cook, carve and decorate with, consider growing your own in the garden next year. Here are some tips to get healthy pumpkins of your own. Via Depending on the variety you buy pumpkins can take 100-120 days to grow, so start from late-May to mid-June, based on […]

2011 In Review

Happy 2012! Hope you have a fun and festive New Year’s. I’m still enjoying some time off of work and have been lounging at home for a few days, it’s wonderful 🙂 I’ve had some time to look back on what I’ve accomplished last year too. Sometimes I forgot all that I’ve done and it’s […]