The 2016 Holiday Planner
Ready to have #happyholidayadventures? 

The end of the year should be a special time for you and your family.
No stress, no pressure for everything to be perfect, just a meaningful few months where you can enjoy all this time of year brings. You want to savor the food, enjoy the weather, honor traditions, and celebrate with your favorite people without all the hassle, but mostly you want to create special memories.

I get it. That is why I created the Holiday Planner.
It's a way to clear the clutter in your mind and plan out your best holiday season! While we can't control how many pairs of socks you get under the tree or what Aunt Freida asks you at the family party, we can keep track of gifts, events, shopping lists and more. So you really get to enjoy this festive time of year. Let's get started!

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What is the Holiday Planner?
It's your way to finally feeling like you've enjoyed the season, rather than just gotten through it.
With 20 useful, practical printables to set up your life from now through New Years, the Holiday Planner is your one-stop to celebrating in organized style.

Don't spend your time online searching for how to get organized.  Use this ebook to plan, organize and enjoy the November and December months where everything you need is in one place. The book can be printed all together or pages can be printed separately too.
Packed with 20 holiday-ready planning and organizing printables to help you enjoy the season.                         
November, December, daily, and weekly calendars to see your schedule at a glance, write to do lists and plan ahead. 
Holiday goals sheet, to do list page you can print multiple times, and traditions tracking for making memories.
Gift Giving
Greeting card, gift giving, gifts received, and gift ideas sheets.
Holiday Fun List
Ideas to make the most of the season with space to create your own activities too.
Cleaning and event checklists. Decor and recipe inventories. Grocery and supply lists.
What's Included?
Your purchase of the 2016 Holiday Planner includes a 8.5" x 11" ebook in PDF format. The sheets are in black and white as to save your own printer ink or to cost less if you have it printed elsewhere, and to get the best printout quality. It can be printed by you or at a copy service location. This is a digital product. No physical product will be sent. Within the ebook is information on how to use the printables.
How can the Holiday Planner help you?
Do you feel anxious? Behind in preparing for the holidays? Disorganized with gift giving?
Let's take all that away and get back to what matters - a special season for you and your family.

Let the Holiday Planner be your guide to your most organized and meaningful holiday season. There are 20 printable pages including gift trackers, shopping checklists, decor inventory, party planning and more. All in one place just for you!

Make gift giving lists   Track your budget Keep up with thank you notes
Plan a party List groceries needed See your schedule
Write down favorite memories Fulfill your bucket list
Plan for next year too!

Let's organize, plan, simplify and celebrate this year.
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I’m Jessica Wangelin, the creator of Decor Adventures, a blog about making your home a beautiful, meaningful place. I share ideas, inspiration and tips about DIY, decor and home improvement from my 116 year old house in Buffalo, New York with my husband and toddler daughter and newborn baby boy.

Your happiest holiday season is important to me.  It should be fun and festive. That's why I created these printables for you to use for all the things you have to do this season.  To get started, print them, grab your favorite beverage, and get planning for the most wonderful time of year!
The planner is an ebook in PDF format that can be printed. It is delivered via email for instant download. It is formatted for regular sized 8 1/2 x 11 paper.


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The planner can be printed on your home computer or via a copy or print business. 
The pages are in black and white for the highest print quality.


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I do lots on searching online for ways to enjoy the holidays too.  While you may find similar printables, this planner has all you need in one place at an affordable price.
Don't spend another year rushing through check out lines, wondering if you got the right gifts, and doing more than you need to. Get the Holiday Planner today to help you experience the real meaning for the season.
These easy-to-use printables will keep you organized from now through the new year and help you have the happiest holiday season yet. Join me in planning, organizing, simplifying, and celebrating. Get the Holiday Planner today!
- Jessica