Summer Home Tour

This season I’ve done something in my home that I’ve never done before. I decorated with color.  I mean bright, make-me-smile color. Pinks, greens, coral, the whole deal. This is big! I’ve tried bringing color into my home before and it just never stuck with me.  I’ve added it to walls, pillows and always ended […]

Bright + Modern Home Office Makeover

I believe in letting a room in your home evolve as you live there. I’ve never once makeover or set up a space all at one time, or even in a month. The home office makeover you’re about to see came together over several years in fact and finally got to a place where I […]

Paint Colors in My Home + Free Printable

I am definitely overdue for this post today! How about a round up of all the paint colors of the rooms and ceilings in my home? I collected all of them, both as a way for you to find all of them here on my blog and to see them all in one space. It’s […]

Hallway Makeover + Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway

Happy day after the blizzard! If you’ve kept up with me on Facebook, you’ll know we’re getting some wild weather in Upstate New York. But I actually like the cooler temps, because they are the perfect time to do indoor projects, like makeover an entire hallway with a stencil like I’m about to show you […]

Holiday Home Tour

The last two weeks around here have been a holiday decorating frenzy, with lots of crafts, stringing lights, and making things, all in preparation for today, my holiday home tour. Not only did I pull out all the stops to make my home a beautiful, welcoming place for the season, but I made a video […]

Fall Home Tour

Welcome to my fall home tour! Today I’m participating in a week-long series with 24 other amazing bloggers by showcasing our seasonal decorations during this warm and cozy time of year. Fall is such a special time at home since the weather gets cooler, we tend to spend more time indoors, and the holiday approach […]

Living Room Tour

Today I’m about to show you photos you’ve never seen before on my blog. They are just about the most common photos you’d see in any home decor blog, but I’ve been almost too embarrassed to let you see them on here, until now. Welcome to my living room tour! I don’t even know why […]