Why You Should Install a Keyless Deadbolt

Once we had children, I couldn’t help but think of ways to make my life simpler. Like getting rid of excess stuff, to having a vacuum do the work for me, life has been about simplification and saving time. One product I actually put on my baby registry was a keyless door entry system because […]

How to Grout Pebble Tile

In our house we are lucky enough to have a bathroom in the basement. Not exactly common in many houses, but since we have a laundry room down there and all of our tools and DIY supplies, it’s pretty handy. We’ve been renovating this bathroom for three years. Yes, I said it. Not all room makeovers happen […]

How to Really Clean Your Kitchen in 8 Steps + Free Checklist

You know that feeling you get when your house is super clean, all the laundry is done and you’ve put away all the clutter? It’s amazing right? Today I want to share with you how to finally, really, and easily get a super clean kitchen except you don’t have to spend all day scrubbing and it […]

DIY Built In Shoe Shelves in a Small Entry

Hi friends. Thank you so much for your kind words on last week’s post about my mother’s passing this summer. Many of you suggested that I would feel better writing about things and you are right. It is good to get it out in the open about what my life has been like and how […]

How to Paint Over a Poster

Do you have art in your home that you’re tired of? Wish you could give it a makeover? Have some nice frames but they just need something new inside? I’ve got a great idea to share with you today, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do to give your artwork a new […]

How to Tile a Small Table

With the weather getting warmer, I’m completing lots of outdoor projects these days. One DIY adventure I’ve never actually tackled is tiling, but I’ve always wanted to. Today I’m going to show you how to tile a small table top. It’s easier than you think and is perfect for the outdoors too.

Make an Old Sign from a Footboard

Bulk trash week is my treasure! Find out how I turned a discarded footboard into a old wooden sign using just paint.