The Best Home Depot DIY Workshop Ever!

Home Depot DIY Workshop

Disclosure: Post sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. Get excited because you are going to see 3 amazing things in this post about my recent Home Depot DIY Workshop: How to set up an entire lumber aisle to accommodate 80 DIYers How much fun […]

DIY Home Depot Workshop – Lighted Holiday Tree

DIY Home Depot Workshop with Decor Adventures

I’m so excited to announce that I’m partnering with The Home Depot for November’s Holiday DIY workshop to teach you how to build this lighted yard tree! The Home Depot offers free workshops for do-it-yourselfers like you to learn how to take on all kinds of projects in your own home. At your local store […]

DIY Blogland Tour + How I Blog

Decor Adventures Blog

Hello friends. Last week Maryann at Domestically Speaking invited me to participate in her DIY Blogland Tour. If you haven’t seen it, DIY bloggers are talking about what we do, kind of like a behind-the-scenes about our blogs. And we’re featuring some other bloggers for you to the read more about them too. After last […]

My Signature Style: Unique + Chic

Signature Style Series

When someone asks me what my style is I always get the shakes. Umm, me? Have a style? For a DIY blogger I should be able to answer this instantly! But the truth is, my style always changing. And I think that’s a good thing. But today I’m here to show you the things I […]

Guess What Room I Decorate Next?

Baby Decor Adventures

I think that picture pretty much gives it away! Yes, Dan and I are expecting our little one to be here the day before Thanksgiving and we are more than thrilled! I’ve been racking my brain to figure out how to share this with all of you, as some of you know we’ve had a […]

My Grownup Christmas Wish

I’ve been thinking for more than a year about how to write this post. Because blogging sometimes can be a really scary thing. Telling people about your life and showing them your secrets. Especially when the secrets are personal and painful. In October 2012 Dan and I got pregnant. After a brief moments of initial […]

Graduate School FAQ


Thanks so much for your support on my recent post about why I went back to graduate school. Being obligated to write a paper is certainly more difficult than working on my latest sewing project that’s for sure. But I know it’s for a great cause and I’m really glad to have more free time […]