Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

This post is sponsored by the Home Depot. All opinions are my own.

Hello! I recovered from Friendsgiving this past weekend to bring you this very fun project today. It’s one of my holiday favorites! Thanks to everyone who helped #PickMyDecor from Saturday’s post. Here’s what I was painting all along.

I decorated a Holiday Wreath Trio with my friends at the Home Depot and not only can you get inspiration from me and 22 other blogger friends who have also made their own versions of the wreath decorating project, but you can sign up to decorate wreaths yourself at your local Home Depot this Saturday.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

First I’m going to show you how I spray painted green wreaths. Yes, it can be done! Then we’ll review to to decorate and hang them up. I’ve got step by step instructions, believe me, it’s a fun and easy project for anyone whose ever wanted a little more color to their holiday wreaths. Let’s get started.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to see the other ideas that my blogger friends came up with for their holiday wreaths. The projects are amazing and we’d love it if you get to decorate wreaths too!

Register for the Holiday Wreath Trio DIY Workshop at your local Home Depot HERE.

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This project is super simple and can be done in about 2 hours, not counting spray paint drying time. It involves 3 steps: 1. Prep and Paint the Wreaths; 2. Decorate the Wreaths and; 3. Hang the Wreaths.

Prep and Paint the Wreaths

First, cut the tags off the wreath and remove the light test wire.

Next, fluff the wreath so the branches are straightened and look nice. During shipping they get condensed, but fluffing them out will really enhance the look and shape of the wreath.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Cover the battery compartment with a small plastic bag, securing it with tape.

After that, cover all the lights with cut up plastic straws. I saw this idea on Sugar Bee Crafts. It’s the perfect way to cover small holiday lights if you are painting them or the item they are on, like garland.

Slide the straw over the light and cut it a little longer than the tip of the light. This way if any paint gets inside the straw, it won’t get on the light. Repeat this for all the lights.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

After that, prime the wreath. Make sure you are spray painting outside in a well-ventilated area and that you are wearing a respirator (not a dust mask, a respirator). I use this one (affiliate link).

These 3 wreaths used 1 can of gray primer. It’s a good idea to prime the wreaths in gray especially if you are changing the color significantly. That way if you miss any coloring the primer will blend things in and the gray will cover the green branches.

To spray paint an object like this, spray from all four sides of it. Lay it on your drop cloth and with the wreath stationary, and you moving around it, spray it from 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. Then you’ll hit all angles and crevices, maximizing your paint coverage.

Let that top coat of primer dry and flip the wreath over. Repeat with primer on the back of the wreath until you are satisfied with the coverage. You can fill in any spots that need paint as you go.

After the primer is done, repeat with the actual spray paint color. These wreaths took just under 3 cans of paint. Give the wreaths plenty of time to dry and vent so you don’t bring spray paint smell into your house. It’s no fun.

Decorate the Wreaths

Since the copper color of these is so non-traditional and I wanted it to stand out, I decorated the wreaths using just a few ribbons and ornaments. All of these items are available at Home Depot.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Tuck glitter snowflakes inside the branches for extra sparkle. They come in many colors and stay right on the branches without a hook. To make the (white) bows, I used wired ribbon and cut it to a length then folded it in half to hang from the bottom. You can wrap a branch around it to stay.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

For the teal bows, take a length of ribbon and fold on over on itself to form a simple expanding bow. You don’t have to tie it or anything, just secure it with staples and paperclip it to the wreath.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Hang the Wreaths

To hang these on our plaster walls, I used Command Hooks that hold up to 5 pounds. We placed 3 above the couch and they can be removed after the holiday season with no damage to the walls.

Look at how pretty (and wire-free) these pre-lit battery powered wreaths are on the wall. I’ve been wanting cord-free wreaths to hang in our windows for years and how I’ll have to pick up some more for different places around the house.

All of the supplies for this project are from Home Depot. It’s easy to get what you need for holiday decorating on one spot, I love that at this time of year.

Who can spot the moving disco ball?! Sorry, I can’t resist it in my photos.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

This wall color is Gotham Gray (affiliate link) in Behr Marquee in Matte. See the post on painting the living room here.

Wreath Trio Project Ideas

You can see all 22 other ideas for decorating your own Holiday Wreath Trio. Visit the blogs below to see their creative and festive wreath projects.

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Christmas Wreath Trio Home Depot DIY Workshop

My spray painted wreaths are an example of how I decorated my own wreaths, but you can style yours any way you like – paint or no paint involved! It’s a fun way to bring some holiday spirit into your home and express your creativity also.

Register for the Home Depot Holiday Wreath Trio project HERE. Here is a way to decorate the wreaths and hang them outside. Wouldn’t that look beautiful on your door?

Home Depot Holiday Wreath Trio DIY Workshop

The Home Depot offers DIY Workshops at all locations for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and
experience levels.  Anyone can participate in any of the 3 types of Workshops offered – Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-Herself (DIH) and Kids. You can learn all kinds of skills including DIY, home decor, building and home repair skills.

Find out about the workshops HERE. And let me see your wreaths when you are done with them!

Shop This Project

Find items used in this project below. Click on an item to purchase. This post contains affiliate links.


Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Home Depot. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. The Wreaths turned out fantastic and loved that you spray painted yours, so pretty!!

  2. Love the look of the copper!

  3. Love that you spray painted the wreaths! Such a cool idea and I also love how you displayed them. So pretty!

  4. Love the copper with the blue! So beautiful!

  5. Love the color you painted them – such a great way to make them unique. Loved the idea of covering lights from Mandy. So cool.

  6. Those wreaths are unbelievable!

  7. Virgina W. Macdonald says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your idea Jessica. That’s really good idea to decorate your room with some simple wreaths. They are look so cute. I love the color. They are very suitable for your room.

  8. Great wreath ideas. I’d love to know if that’s a slipcover on your ottoman. I have a similar one in Black leather that is showing its age. Did you make that or is it store bought? Haven’t been able to find one anywhere.


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