DIY Wood Plant Stand

DIY Wood Plant Stand

Hello friends! Hope your summer is warm and relaxing. Today I had a chance to do something I actually rarely do myself – pick out some wood and design a project. That was the fun part, the hard part is that I had to make this item using only one 1x8x8 board.

If you were challenged to make something using only a specific material, could you do it?

There’s a bunch of fabulous bloggers who have created amazing projects doing the same, so be sure to view their One Board Challenge projects linked below. If you are looking for a full blown, awesome, rock your socks off tutorial on how to make a wooden plant stand, today is not your day. Pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions have eluded me on this one, so you’ll have to forgive the brief how-to. But you can learn how to draw a hexagon with even sides all on your own. Catch that further down.

One Board Challenge

When I agreed to participate in the #OneBoardChallenge, I knew I wanted to make a table similar to one I saw at Target once. You know the ones, in the fancy Threshold aisle. The ones you’d love to all pile into about 5 carts and furnish your entire home. It had a hexagon top and bottom, and “legs” on two sides connecting the parts.

To make this you will use the following:

  • One 1x8x8 pre-primed finger joint board. These are about $24 each at the home improvement store.
  • Miter saw set at a 30 degree angle
  • Pencil
  • Ruler/measuring tape
  • Nail gun
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Hubs and I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to draw a hexagon with out a compass, and without dividing the measurements on a ruler. Those You Tube videos were no help, so we drew it the old fashioned way.

Make an X to find the center of a square, then divide each 4 quadrant into its own 4 squares. Measure the distance of 2 squares, meaning the length of two. This is the length of the side of your hexagon. Draw a line from the top center of the grid of that length to two squares away. There is one side of the hexagon. So that again from the top point to the other side of the grid, the repeat this around the shape until you have all 6 sides drawn. Each angle will be 60 degrees.

The width of the 8″ board is only about 7 1/4″ so each of our hexagon squares started as 7 1/4″x7 1/4″. From there we followed the steps above to draw the hexagon and we drew two onto the board, a few inches apart to allow for cutting.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

Put this on a miter saw set to 30 degrees. That will correct any inaccuracies you made drawing the hexagon. Cut out each side of the hexagon where you drew.

To make the legs, cut the board to the height you’d like your plant stand to be. Mine is about 18 inches. Rip the board in half equal to the one side of the hexagon. Do this so you have 4 legs. You’ll use 3 for this photo and will have 1 left over.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

Use an 18 gauge brad nailer to connect both the top and bottom hexagons to the legs. Paint the outside (and inside if you’d like) the color of your choice and let it dry completely.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

This color was a $2 oops quart I found at the home improvement store.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

DIY Wood Plant Stand

This light peachy color is a new one for our home and I like the contrast against the wood floors, not to mention the blue bamboo shelves that I repainted.

I’m into houseplants lately. It’s probably because I’ve actually been keeping them alive. We have a large one in the dining room that is about twice the size since when I got it, which makes me think I have a future as a plant mom.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

This DIY wood plant stand is on the smaller side, so I have enough wood leftover to make another. I could also see them smaller as cake stands too.  Working with wood is a lot of fun (since I don’t do it very often), especially when you can only use certain materials. I like to do this with things I already own, so the projects end up being free. See all of my free projects here.

See all of the One Board Challenge projects on Instagram with the hashtag #OneBoardChallenge and the links below.

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  1. Nice job. Love the color choice.

  2. Great work! Love it.

  3. This is super cute Jessica! And I’d be tapping my head trying to figure out how to draw a hexagon for much longer (I’m sure.)


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