Holiday Decor Ideas + Raiding My Craft Stash

Holiday Decor Ideas

You’ve may have noticed that one of my favorite things to do lately is head down into the basement and come up with things to make from the hoard of items in my craft closet. OK, it’s not only a closet, it’s a set of shelves and a bunch of bins too.  Filled with stuff I’ve collected over the years. Filled. To rival Joanns and Michaels combined.

You can see all the projects I’ve made for FREE with those items HERE. I call it my thrifty decorating plan. My use-what-you-got method. After all it costs me nothing!

Today I’m participating with 12 of my favorite blogger friends to show you some last-minute holiday crafts by using what we have.

No running to the craft store at the last minute.  No waiting in line and fighting the crowds.

Just good old quality time between you, glitter and your glue gun. If you are coming over from one of the gals participating, welcome! Don’t forget to go to the space between next to see what Karah has made to continue on the tour.

This season I’ve made not one but SIX holiday decor ideas made from things I already own. From rustic to sparkly, you’re sure to find one you love. Here’s to using what you’ve got!

Holiday Tree Skirt + Table Runner

One item that takes up a ton of room in the craft closet is fabric. Why do we always go buy more when we have tons in stock? Solve that mystery for me and we’ll be BCF {Best Craft Friends} forever.

This simple tree skirt and table runner are made up of leftover fabric, a furry trim, ribbon and some felt. Get creative! Maybe yours will feature trees or stars instead.

HERE is how to make them.

Holiday Tree Skirt

Gold Thumbtack Tree Wall Art

This project is a combo craft closet and office supply raid. Gold thumbtacks? Yes sir! Shape them into a tree, Santa, or reindeer.

The how to is right HERE.

Christmas Tree Wall Art

Natural Greenery Wreath

Did you know that when you go to cut down or buy your tree you can ask for the leftover clippings to take home? They are always lying around so grab a bunch and make yourself some free decorations.

I turned some into a wreath and tucked the rest onto the mantel.  Tip: they will make your house smell wonderful.

See how I put together a wreath with greenery clippings HERE.

Natural Greenery Wreath

Garland Snowman

Everyone has some of the old style garland stashed away someplace right? Cut wreath forms out of cardboard if you don’t already have some and make this tinsel man for your house. I put him on our homasote bulletin board as a greeting card holder. All you have to do is wrap the garland around the wreath forms and secure with tape. I wired three sizes together to look like a snowman.

Tip: If you don’t have garland, look for it at the thrift store.

Holiday Ideas

Holiday Ideas


Fabric Garland

This soft white and grey garland used to be a blanket from IKEA. I cut it into oval shapes and glued then sewed them together to make a long string that can be used around the tree or doorway as I put mine. Silver thread gives it a festive touch.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to cut things up! Especially when you can get fabric for very cheap like this $5 blanket.

Holiday Ideas

Holiday Ideas

Wood Slice Wreath

Have some branches in your yard? Cut them up, glue them on a wreath form and you have a rustic and simple piece for a door, window or wall. See how to make a wood slice wreath at my monthly post at Redhead Can Decorate HERE.

Rustic Wood Slice Wreath

Do you have some ideas on how to raid your craft stash this season?

I love the money savings because I can still get that new purse I’ve been eyeing up recently too.

Next stop on the tour is the space between, go visit to see what Karah has come up with and see the rest of the ideas linked below. Happy craft closet raiding!

Holiday Ideas

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  1. So many great ideas! I love that thumb tack tree, so simple and so cute!

  2. So many beautiful ideas! I especially love the wood slice wreath on that mirror. It looks like so high end!

  3. love that woodslice wreath and i always love natural greenery!

  4. Oooo, I want the wood slice wreath!

  5. LOVE the thumbtacks and the fabric garland is so cute!!

  6. SO many ideas, Jess! I wish I had the next two weeks off of school to make all of these amazing things because, by the time I get off, it’ll be too late! Thanks for including me!


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