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When someone asks me what my style is I always get the shakes. Umm, me? Have a style? For a DIY blogger I should be able to answer this instantly!

But the truth is, my style always changing. And I think that’s a good thing. But today I’m here to show you the things I love and how I finally figured that out.

My friend Carrie at Making Lemonade invited 22 bloggers to write about their Signature Style this week. It’s a fun process to find out what your style is. Have you ever tried? Maybe you already know and can describe what you love in 3 words? Or maybe you have Pinterest boards filled with things that are you go-to fashion, home and lifestyle favorites?

The secret about style is, you can find out what yours is and it’s OK if it changes. Like life, that’s bound to happen. Plus it’s fun!

If you are coming over from one of my style icons, Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design. When I met her at the Haven conference I asked her if I could move into her home. Really, I did! {She laughed politely}. Tell me you don’t think her home is gorgeous!

So let’s get down to it, what’s my signature style?

Modern, Unique, Classy, Thrifted, Neutral, Simple

There are so many words I use to describe my style, but mostly I describe it in what I bring into my home. I live a “Simplify” motto, meaning there must be a reason for me to own it. Like William Morris says,

William Morris Quote

Overall I call it Unique & Chic, and here is why. I’ve put together some pictures to help you know what you’ll find when you come to Decor Adventures.


Furniture at Decor Adventures

One of my favorite things to do is makeover furniture. I always get my pieces either at the thrift store, flea market or down the curb for free. That way I can personalize each and make them my own. I’m experimenting with different paints and colors these days, and I’ve been trying to bring more pattern and color into my life.

Pictured here:


Holiday Decorating at Decor Adventures

Now is the time of year bloggers love. We get to change the decorations once a month for the upcoming holiday season, and what better way to show your personality and create a warm and inviting home than now. For my holiday decorating I tend to bring in the glam and try some new colors other than the traditional orange and black or red and green. How about blue snowflakes for your Christmas tree?

Pictured here:


My Signature Style

Here are some of my favorite pictures around my home. Of course things around here are always changing, especially now that we have a little one on the way. I think we’ve moved the furniture three times already. You can see my love of neutrals, grey, white, and accent colors like green and metallics.

Pictured here:


Finally, what inspires me. These are from my Decor Inspiration board on Pinterest. It’s one of the first boards I ever created and is a collection of looks I just love.

Signature Style Inspiration

Waiting on Martha | Style at Home | Live Creating Yourself | Better Homes & Gardens

Q & A ~ About My Signature Style

Here are some questions and answers I made up about my style. Picture some E! reporter asking me these on the red carpet.

If you could only buy items from one store to decorate my home, which store would it be?

Easy! West Elm.

Where do you prefer to find a teal, the mall or a thrift store?

The thrift store of course. My style is to find a treasure and make it my own. Plus this way tends to cost much less.

What is one accessory you’re often wearing?

A hat. Just like the British at a wedding.

In what style is your home decorated?

I like to call it Unique & Chic. I describe it that my home is created with things I love, most often on the cheap, that have been repurposed, repainted, remade into something meaningful for me. Sometimes that means a favorite paint color, sometimes that means hanging an old memory in a new frame. Whatever represents my style, I want it to be meaningful and a little fun.

What is your iPhone case?

Silver glitter! {Affiliate link} It’s a case from J.Crew and I get lots of compliments on it.

If you could paint a wall any color, what would it be?

I’d paint a black ceiling. I’ve seen beautiful pictures of them and would love to try it, just as soon as my husband lets me.

Which blogger’s style do you secretly have a crush on?

There are so many! Sarah M. Dorsey, The Hunted Interior, Kyle Knight Design are three that come to mind.

I had lots of fun putting together my signature style and hope you did too!

Signature Style Series


Signature Style Series


Next, you can go see Heather and Vanessa At the Picked Fence, and all of their doubly-amazing projects.

Come back Friday when we are having a major giveaway of more than $1200 worth of lovely and stylish items you can win for free. And below are all the ladies in the Signature Style Series if you are looking for a little inspiration of your own!



  1. Hi Jessica -I learned so much about you that I didn’t know in this one post. My style constantly changed, too when I had my first house and was figuring it all out. Looking forward to seeing the black ceiling. Love the metal orbs! XO

    • Thanks Diane,

      I always feel like I don’t show enough of my style on here so hope this helped do that. I don’t know if the black ceiling will happen soon, but maybe sometime!

  2. Ummmm yeah you, you have great style 😉 Loved reading all of this and I agree that Sarah and Kristen are awesome.
    And yes I love your curtains!

  3. i LOVED reading this- and totally agree about your style. i always love your chic accessories. love the idea of a q&a- my post goes up tomorrow. do you care if i copy it and add to mine? i would link and give you credit of course!

  4. I’m with Diane… the idea of a black ceiling totally jumped out at me! Also… I’m checking your blog out FIRST when there’s a holiday tour! (Although with a newborn… I won’t expect much more than candy canes on the mantle… that’s pretty much the extent of our holiday decor…) 🙂

  5. Jessica….love your Chic & Unique style! =) Hope you’re having a great week!

  6. I love your style – it is really and truly unique and chic – which equals beautiful!

  7. You have a beautiful home and I love your style! By the way I love that William Morris quote too!

  8. I loved reading your post Jessica! Your home is gorgeous – every inch! I wish I could come over and oogle it~ Miss you! Heather


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