How to Install a Sheet Vinyl Floor

How to Install a Sheet Vinyl Floor

Recently in our small master bathroom makeover we installed a roll out sheet vinyl floor. Many of you asked about the floor from my Instagram picture of it and I’m here to show you how easy it is to install a sheet vinyl floor, and what a great solution it can be for your home. It’s a really great flooring solution and we’ve not used it in both of our bathrooms. Here is a step by step guide, it’s easier than you think to have a new floor in an afternoon.

How to Install a Sheet Vinyl Floor

1. First, prep your room. We did this in a small bathroom, so we removed the vanity and toilet, which was part of our makeover plan. Remove the baseboards too if you have them. Then sweep and wash the floor. That square shape on the right is the left over paper backing from the previous vinyl floor that was there. I removed most of it when I uncovered this floor previously.

It was white hex tile that was original to our 1900 home. I was so excited to find it but it turned out to be very dirty and there were several cracks in the floor. Ultimately we decided to cover it up with this eco-friendly vinyl floor instead. I choose a hex tile pattern to keep with the original look as much as possible when you switch from real tile to fake.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

2. Next, make a diagram of your room so you’ll know how to cut the vinyl. Just a simple one will work. Measure out each edge of the wall very exactly and write it down on the diagram. It helps if you have two people doing this. Once can measure and one can write. Make sure to measure this twice and check that you have the correct measurement along the correct wall/part of the diagram.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

3. After you have all the measurements, you’ll prepare the floor to be cut. Sheet vinyl flooring comes in large rolls. Select a space where you can roll out the entire piece. This happened to be in my home office. Cut off the plastic wrapping and roll it out, right side up.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

It doesn’t matter at this point if you have a rug or wood floor under it, since you’ll get a piece of hardboard on which to actually make the cuts.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

4. Then you transfer your measurements from the diagram to the floor itself. We did this with the correct side of the floor up so we were sure to have the measurements correct and the shape of the room correct too. Some people choose to do this on the opposite side of the floor, but then you are transferring the opposite of the diagram and measurements onto the floor, which can get very tricky.

If you have a long straight wall, try to use the factory cut edge of the floor on that wall. It will help insure that the cut is straight and will save you from measuring. Make sure if you have any parts of the walls that stick out that you account for that in your markings.

We used a pencil and the same tape measure to make the measurements. Since once the floor is cut, the pencil will be under the baseboard at the very edge of the floor, and it can be erased, as opposed to say a permanent marker.

Use a long straight edge to mark your lines. It can be a piece of wood or something sturdy. We had a long metal piece we used.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

5. After all the measurements are made and you’ve checked with with someone else (if possible) against the diagram, check them again. You paid $$ for this floor and don’t want to make the wrong cut and mess it up, so check three times!

Then you cut. It sounds scary, but it’s not. We over-measured our floor by about an inch on each side, just to make sure it would fit. Once it is in your room, you can easily trim off the excess with a box cutter.

To cut the floor, place a piece of larger flat wood under the floor. If you can do this on a surface where cutting through won’t matter then great, but obviously you don’t want to cut the floor below the vinyl. We used a piece of leftover hardboard and a box cutter.

Go around to each of the pencil lines you made and cut along them. Soon enough you’ll have a cut out floor in the same size and shape as your room. Parts of the floor may roll up but you can hold them and get them out of the way of cutting with binder clips. See here the cut is about a inch larger than the exact pencil line measurement.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

6. Then you move the piece to the room to put it in! The great thing about roll out/sheet vinyl flooring is that it does NOT require any adhesive or nails to secure it to the floor below/subfloor. We installed this right over hard ceramic tile but it can be used over many surfaces as long as they are flat. The company you buy it from will specifically tell you not to use any adhesive or glue to secure it to the floor below. The vinyl has no memory, so it will lie flat, and the baseboards in the room are what hold it in place.

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

This may be the part where only one person is working as in our case – notice I watch and take all the pictures? 🙂 Dan used the long straight metal piece to smooth the floor in. Since you cut the floor with an inch or two to spare, you’ll be able to get it in place correctly. You want to make sure all the edges of the floor fit into the spaces where they are to go.

You probably will have to do some trimming, especially if you cut the piece larger than your measurements. To do this just use the box cutter and straight edge to cut along where the wall and floor meet.

If you do this in a bathroom like we did, make sure to cut out the circle for the toilet and the openings for the bolts to go through. Otherwise, you won’t have to cut any other openings in the floor, just along the edges.

The floor can be shimmied a bit and if you step and lean on it a bit you can also get it to move that way. It’s pretty forgiving and easy to work with.

*Update* I’ve had lots of people ask about this floor, so here is the information on it. It is called Rich Onyx in the Easy Living Collection by Tarkett Flooring. I purchased it at a local flooring store called Carpet Factory Outlet. To find a retailer near you, enter your zip code here.

Tarkett Flooring

Tarkett Flooring

Rich Onyx Tarkett Flooring

After we installed the floor, we installed our toilet too since we wanted to make sure that got hooked up correctly before we put down the baseboards. If you’re not doing this in a bathroom, then you can go ahead and install the baseboards right away. That will be your final step before putting the room all together!

How to Install Sheet Vinyl Floor

After we put in the baseboards behind the toilet, we installed the vanity. And then the baseboards around that. All bathroom set ups are different so it will depend on your room. Here is our new floor!

Hexagon Tile Vinyl Floor Decor Adventures

See the entire small master bathroom makeover here. We’re absolutely thrilled with this floor and even though I loved finding original white hex tile, this was the best solution to cover it up and clean things up. We didn’t know what we’d find if we tried to replace that original tile, and this saved us a lot of money too. The floor was less than $3 a square foot, which is very affordable for flooring.

I hope this helps you with your next flooring project! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. I sore that was tile until you shared otherwise! The sheet vinyl looks fantastic in your bathroom!!

  2. Can you tell me what you did up against your bathtub. Did you caulk or does the floor just go right up to the tub and lay there?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Against the bathtub is where we used the factory cut straight edge. We haven’t caulked it yet but I plan to, I just haven’t gotten to it. Right now it’s just laying there and it hasn’t moved at all.

      • Were there any other solutions with what to do up against the tub? I wonder what regular installers do, just caulk? The floor looks awesome. When you walk on it do you feel the bumps between the tile? I would think tiles are flat but still where the grout is would make it sink down a bit since the grout isn’t all the way level to the tile.

        • Hi Greg,

          I don’t know if there are other solutions for against the tub. We used the straight factory edge there and caulked it. I think that is what most people would do.

          No I don’t feel any bumps on the floor at all. The good thing about the vinyl sheet is that it is forgiving for where there is grout between the tiles. Hope this helps.

          • That is helpful.

            I’m not sure what it is holding it there though. I saw you said no adhesive and that that floor board holds it down, but does a portion of the vinyl fold up against the wall? Seems to me the floor board doesn’t press down hard enough to hold it there.

          • Hi Greg,

            No, none of the vinyl folds up against the wall. The baseboards definitely do hold it does just fine. You’d be amazed when you see the floor in person. It lies flat and stays that way.

  3. That vinyl looks awesome. It’s come a long way, baby!

  4. I love the pattern that you chose for your update. We installed tile in two bathrooms that we updated and the grout drives me nuts. Our next renovation will include vinyl flooring.

    So glad to discover your blog through page of the day shares. We are partners on Wednesday!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Can you tell me where you purchased that sheet flooring? I would love to purchase the same one! Thanks!

  6. susan maclean says:

    We too have vinyl in our bathroom – lovely and warm underfoot! Just a tip (I know you have finished, but for new readers!!) you can make the vinyl more malable and soft by giving it a blast with a hair dryer if you hare having any diffulculties getting to fit on a corner or round the back of a pipe.

  7. Can you please share the manufacturer and pattern of the sheet vinyl? Really beautiful!

    • Hi,

      Thanks, glad you like it. The information is in this post about the flooring. I just updated the post to show information about the floor. It is by Tarkett Flooring and the pattern is Rich Onyx in the Easy Living collection.

      • Kristenne Robison says:

        Two years later we are using the same flooring. Now it is part of the Urban Living Collection. We purchased at Menard’s for $1.69 per square foot. Thanks for the idea.

        • Hi Kristenne,

          Thanks for sharing that you can get this flooring elsewhere. We don’t have Menards where I live, but it’s great to find more places to shop for home improvement products. Plus, it’s so affordable!

          Thanks for reading my blog.

  8. I read that you are supposed to roll it out and then reroll it on the opposite side. Is that really necessary? Or is the space not large enough to have to do that?

    • Hi Roslyn,

      We didn’t have to re-roll the floor. It is specifically made not to have a memory, which means it won’t curl up once you lay it down, and lays perfectly flat. It seems like it would not do that, but it does. Even in larger rooms it lays flat. We know this because we’ve installed it in several other spaces like larger laundry rooms, a kitchen and basement bathroom.

  9. Were there any strong or chemical smells from the sheet vinyl?

    • Hi,

      No, not at all. In fact, we specifically noticed that there was no smell. The product is environmentally friendly, which is probably why it does not smell.

  10. Just a couple quick questions, please. You did this over ceramic floor? If so, is there a certain tile thickness to be used? I have come to HATE our ceramic floors we put down 14 years ago. Currently do not want to go through the work and expense to remove ceramic floors, then put some new tiles or flooring. Certainly do not want and cannot afford the expense to have somebody do it right now. Looked at maybe painting or staining ceramic tile but that would means days with our kitchen and hallway (won’t work).

    If what you have done is indeed over ceramic tile – you have provided my answer in a long time search and just became my HERO!

    • Hi Debi,

      The tile we installed this over was ceramic I think. It is original to our 115 year old house, so I’m not 100% sure if it is ceramic or porcelain. Although it doesn’t really matter since you can install this vinyl over pretty much anything. So it should work for you! The vinyl we purchased is 1/8 inch thick.

      All you’d have to do is remove what is in your room (or cut around an island for example) and remove the baseboards to install this type of floor. I hope that helps. Let me know what you decide to do!

  11. I’m in love with the pattern and color! It’s perfect! My bathroom looks to be similar in size to yours, how much did it cost you for the sheet and adhesive?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I think I paid around $2.75 a square foot, which was a sale price at the time. There is no adhesive for this floor, it rolls out flat and has no memory. It’s held to the floor by your baseboards, which makes it very easy to install. Hope this helps!

  12. What did you do near your doorway to transition? We need to replace flooring in both our bathrooms and we are thinking sheet vinyl, but have hardwood in the hallways and bedrooms. I just hate the look of those metal strips.

    • Hi Kristi,

      At the doorway to the wood floors in the hallway is a marble threshold. It was there and we didn’t remove it to put down the floor. The vinyl just goes up next to it. I know they sell wooden transition pieces, maybe you can find one that works or cut your own. I hope that helps.

      • Did you caulk it next to the marble? Or is it just a loose edge?

        • Hi Kristi,

          The edge next to the threshold is just “loose”, it’s not caulked. You can’t use any adhesive with this type of floor, and although it may seem like you want to, it’s unnecessary and the company specifically prints on the bottom of the floor not to use any adhesive. It lies completely flat there and hasn’t curled up. It’s the same way against the tub. I might caulk that edge (I haven’t yet and it hasn’t moved or anything) only for the sake of not letting any water in and under the floor.

  13. I have been doing my small bathrooms for years with vinyl flooring, I love it more than ceramic tile. The way I did was take news papers using all the straight edges and used masking tape and made a pattern of the floor by taping the paper all over the floor and taping the paper together all over. Lift the paper pattern up, place on vinyl mark with a pen and cut with scissors. Mine fit perfect every time. A great way when you have a tub that is off set in front.

  14. Jeanine says:


    Thanks for the pictures! I picked this exact flooring but was uncertain if it would really look the way I wanted it to look. Your pics have made my decision for me.
    Looks great!

  15. I’d love to replace the carpeting in our sunporch with this, much easier to clean with our two dogs from the sunporch to the back yard. Previous owner installed carpeting that doesn’t suit my color scheme and it’s become stained with dog foot prints, etc. Once we’ve removed the carpeting, can we install this directly over the concrete flooring or do we need a moisture or vapor block first?

    • Hi Barbara,

      I don’t know if you would need a vapor block under this but I do not think so. Please make sure to ask at the flooring store where you find it and they will let you know. I do know you don’t put any glue or adhesive on this to secure it to the floor. I hope that helps and good luck with your floor!

  16. Looks great, thanks for the detailed tutorial! I am about to move into a new apartment that I am renting and the kitchen floor is an awful color. If I were to put this in there, do you know if it would be easy to take out in a year or two if I were to move out? I can’t install anything permanent or that will damage the tile that’s already down.

    Thanks so much!

  17. Looks great! Do you know the name of paint color used? It looks to be a blueish gray. Thanks!

    • Hi. I have sheet vinyl in my bathroom and we are going to remodel. Our vinyl is so difficult to keep clean b/c it has so many little dents in it. How is your floor to keep clean? Thank you.

      • Hi Michelle,

        Yes, I know what you mean about the dirt settling into the floor. We have the same problem in our kitchen. I would recommend you clean it often, probably weekly until you can get it to a good clean state. We use a steam mop and no soap or cleaner on our floor in the bathroom. Sometimes you have to get down on your hands and knees and use a bucket and sponge. That will work, but it will probably take a few tries. Hope this helps you.

  18. Hi! I just found your post and ordered this flooring for 2 bathrooms in my house. Wondering what color you painted your walls? I love it!

  19. Seems very easy and since we are remodeling on a budget this is right up our creek! My only issue is water! You said there’s no adhesive and I’m just wondering what would keep the water from getting under day by the tub or toilet? Reason being is we woke up to 2 inches of water 1/2 out house last week (Hince the reason for our remodel).. we are having to cut out our whole bathroom down to the floor joices and repair all the flooring (we have tile which I HATE) so would caulking around the baseboard and floor help with that you think? I’m terrified of water leaks and damage right now.. Thanks a bunch and your remodel looks amazing!!!

    • Hi Audrey,

      We actually do need to caulk between the floor and the tub. The area around the toilet is good since the toilet is on top of the floor. I suppose you could caulk there, especially since there could be water. Sorry about your mini flood! We have used caulk around the baseboards of our house, but it won’t prevent water from getting through material such as wood or other material that can absorb water.

      Hope your remodel is going well!

  20. What is the wall color used in this bathroom? I love it! Looks like a mix of blue and gray. Thanks!


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