Two Color Painted Furniture Ideas

You all know how much I love furniture and how much I love to paint furniture. While spending some time on Hometalk I rounded up 20 Two Toned Painted Furniture ideas for you to be inspired for your next project. Because 20 ideas is always better than 1 when you can’t get enough of furniture!

Painted Furniture Ideas

Have you heard of Hometalk? It’s a home and garden super site filled not only with hundreds of DIY projects, but real questions by people like you looking for information on all things home related. The Hometalk community includes bloggers, professionals, and homeowners too. You can find ideas in any one of their many home related topics including cleaning, crafts, remodeling, plumbing, painting or by room such as garage, bathroom, our outdoors. And you can easily save your favorite ideas with their clip tool right in your profile.

Today I rounded up lots of painted furniture projects just for you. While I love using stain or paint on furniture, it’s always fun to add a second color to the mix. I did this with some bookshelves I painted for the dining room with white and leftover grey paint.

Painted Furniture Ideas

Blogger Katy added mint colored paint to a small stool to give it a two colored look.

Painted Stool

This amazing dresser makeover by Painted Therapy was turned into a birch tree forest, I absolutely love it! I have a thing for birch trees.

Dresser Makeover

A fun and easy two colored look on dressers is to paint the shell of the piece and leave the drawers wood colored or vice versa. This project by blogger Beja has some herringbone thrown in for fun.

Painted Dresser

But these are only a few of the ideas on my Two Toned Furniture Hometalk board. Come see the rest and find me on Hometalk here.

Dan and I are going to a wedding tomorrow. He gets to wear a kilt! Oh yes, there will be pictures. Find me on Instagram to see them all. Happy weekend!

Painted Furniture Ideas


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my herringbone dresser on Decor Adventures and Hometalk! What an honor!

  2. A kilted wedding? Oh, how fun!

    And I love the look of two-toned furniture. (I’m on the search for the perfect piece for a t.v. stand that I plan to give a little two-toned love.)

  3. XpressDecorators says:

    Never thought of this, so thank you for the inspiration! It’d be good for us and those who are torn between two favourite colours, right?


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