How to Keep a Duvet in Place

In our master bedroom we use a comforter inside a duvet cover as our “heavy” bedding. It gets cold around these parts, so we have to keep warm. The comforter was a purchase a while ago at Ikea and the duvet was a wedding present. I love having it since I can change it for the seasons but have such a hard time keeping the comforter inside the duvet. It always bunches up or moves around.  To finally solve this, I came up with a quick solution for how to keep a duvet in place. Its so easy, cost me nothing, and took me only about 20 minutes.  Just the kind of project I like.

How to Keep a Duvet in Place

My solution involved some stretchy flat cording and a few buttons, both of which I had right in my sewing stash. Free! Excellent, we are off to a great start.

I thought if I could make some kind of loop for the button to go into and sew the button on the comforter, I could join them together and viola! My scrunched up blanket problem would be solved.

I happened to find this cord in my sewing supplies so I cut little pieces and made a kind of loop. It looks like a ribbon, but I made it small enough that the button, once through it, would stay on.


I sewed these on by hand into the inside of the duvet cover. I simply turned the cover inside out and found the edge of the material inside. Then once I sewed one button on to each corner of the duvet I had a match made in heaven.


Last I put the comforter inside the duvet and attached the buttons at all four corners.

Keep a Duvet in Place

It’s working great. I knew since the buttons and cord weren’t pinned on or anything, that there was no threat of getting poked in the middle of the night while you’re just trying to get warm. And you can’t even see they are there. This was one of those projects I’d been meaning to do for a while, I’m so happy it’s finished!

Have you found any easy, free solutions at home lately?

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  1. Genius – my poor lopsided duvet thanks you!

  2. I love this idea. I will try it.thanks

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