How to Add a Wireless Light Switch

Since our house is more than 100 years old, we have a variety of lights in our rooms and hallways. Some sconces, some hardwired lights, but we actually don’t have many lights that are controlled by a switch. Thankfully there are plenty of products on the market that can light up just about any space in you home, including ones that create a light switch where there isn’t one. Don’t believe me? Today I’m here to show you how to add a wireless light switch.

How to Add a Wireless Light Switch

One room that didn’t have any wall or overhead lighting, nor switches is our master bedroom. There is a switch for an overhead light in the closet, but nothing for the room. When we moved in I came across this solution while wandering around the lighting section at the home improvement store. It’s a wireless light switch that you hang on the wall and control via an outlet.

It’s actually a wall mounted switch and plug in receiver, this model if you are looking.

Wireless Light Switch

How this works is that you plug in the receiver, than plug your lamp into the receiver, simply mount the switch that looks light a regular old light switch and your rooms go from dark to light as soon as you walk in. No more stumbling over shoes lying in the middle of the room to get to a light.

Wireless Wall Switch

We use this right inside the door for a lamp on a side table. I mounted the switch plate at the exact height as the switch plate for the closet, so they were the same. Just presto and we have light. Underneath the table at the outlet it looks like this. You can definitely move these around to any lamp in the room. Or perhaps use it for ambient lights or overhead lights too. Thankfully there are lots of options for lighting, especially in an old house.

Wireless Light Switch

Have you used any lighting tricks or wireless switches in your house?

How to Add a Wireless Light Switch

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  1. Ooh! Ive always wanted something exactly like this, but I didnt know wireless light switches existed! definitely need to get one!

  2. Unbelieveable! I know of 3 places where I need this right NOW. Thanks!


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