Designing a New Blog Logo

Happy Friday! What are you plans for this weekend? I’d like to get the last of our vegetable plants in the garden and hopefully get some color on my pasty white legs! This blogger needs a tan.I’ll also be doing some housekeeping here on Decor Adventures. I’ve mentioned before how I’m switching to WordPress in a matter of days, and so I’ve been spending time cleaning up my old posts, and trimming things down for the switch. Did you ever read through all of your old blog posts? It’s fun! And embarrassing 🙂

So you might notice some things that are missing, like archives and latest posts. I’m taking things down for the migration, so stick with me! Things will look and work better soon, I promise.

This switch has given me the chance to make a directory of all my posts so I can make sure to have them all in my project gallery and the like. I’m really looking forward to have a more organized blog where I can showcase more of my projects and provide you with a better resource for home and DIY inspiration. It’s the main reason why I’m switching over.

While my blog designer makes finishing touches on that part, I’ve been working with my graphic designer for a new logo. Now these people can be one in the same, however in my case I’m married to my graphic designer, so he gets to work for me and live with me.

I pay him with back massages 🙂

He and I sat down one night in his office to work on a new look for my logo, which will basically be my header, blog button, and social media profiles. Notice I was doing some blog reading at the same time?

Designing My Blog Logo
I spent a lot of time looking around at blogs, business cards I got at Haven last year, and web sites in general, and decided I wanted to go with a simple, sophisticated design that will work for me in various ways.

First we selected some fonts that I liked to see how they might work together for a new look. I wanted a simple logo, without any graphic elements, so that the title of my blog itself would become the “look”.  There are tons of resources out there for free fonts. When you download and install them, you can see what they look like in some sample words and go from there. Many are very similar! But fonts have their own personality.  I ended up keeping the font of the word ‘decor’ in my title, but changed the ‘adventures’. After my graphic designer/husband arranged them in complimentary sizes and spacing, we played around with color.

I have two versions of the new logo so I can use it in different ways. What do you think?


Picking a color was next. This is hard! Color says so much about you and your personality, plus I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too trendy, but match the look I wanted. So we narrowed it down to a few.


Now the question is, which one do you think I picked?! Or perhaps I did a variation on one of these?

Have you ever designed a logo or look? How did you pick out fonts and colors?

P.S. By the way, hubs is available for logo design anytime. You can call him Dan and find him here. Give him a like!


  1. I like both of them and in all colors – Hard to choose. I think I like the 2 layer one in blue 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I desperately need to change/update my blog design and logo but I’m having a difficult time trying to decide what type of look to go for.

    Good luck with your blog redo, Jessica! I look forward to seeing the fancy new design.

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