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Things are really moving along in my upstairs bathroom makeover. Since I have fancied up my window with a fake roman shade, I needed to do something about the privacy in there. I decided that using window film would be a great idea to give us the coverage we needed but still look nice on the window.

Easy Roman Shade Tutorial
Even though this bathroom is on the second floor, the neighbors are close, this close. #SomeoneNeedsToWashTheirWindows


>When Wallpaper for Windows contacted me about their many options in window coverings, I thought it would be the perfect solution. If you’ve never used window film before, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s a great option for windows, showers, doors and more spaces in your house where you need a little privacy.

Wallpaper for Windows has an amazing selection of products to use for your windows, showers, doors and more. Their films come in many colors and patterns. I chose the lite frost, because it would let some light in, but still give us some cover. The wonderful people there sent me one of their pre-cut sizes to use in my bathroom. Plus they trim to any size if you want something you can install and go!


They provide you all of the instructions and a credit card-like piece for smoothing later. But first, let’s do the install. It’s super easy.

Wallpaper for Windows

First, measure your windows and then add half an inch on each side for a total of an inch more in the two measurements. For example, my window was 19 1/4 x 20 1/2 so I cut a piece 20 1/4 x 21 1/2. Then cut your piece (or if you get the pre-cut, you are all set).

Wallpaper for Windows

Add some water and a few drops of dish or hand soap to a spray bottle, and after you clean your windows, spray it down with your soapy water solution.

Wallpaper for Windows

Then you simply peel the film away from the paper backing, being careful not to let it stick to itself and place it on your window. Then you use your credit card to smooth out any bubbles in the film, working from the middle out.

Wallpaper for Windows

Since your window is wet and slippery, the film can be shifted slightly and you’ll get all the water off as you smooth.

To trim the extra, grab an exacto knife and carefully slide down the edge of the window where you want it to fit.

Wallpaper for Windows

That part is easier than it even sounds. The trim will come right off. They say you can leave about 1/8th of an inch of space from the edge of the film to the edge of your window frame for temperature changes.

Wallpaper for Windows

And that is it! Look at the difference in privacy it gives. The neighbors definitely will not be spying on us while we suds up.

Wallpaper for Windows
Wallpaper for Windows

I could see so many uses for this and the great part is that Wallpaper for Windows comes in so many patterns and colors too. They have stained glass, etched glass, and one-way films which I think are so neat. I could see them for a patio or pool area.

Wallpaper for Windows is also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ so you can stay in touch with their new designs and offers. It’s an easy way to decorate or add privacy to any smooth, non-porous surface. Plus the film is adhesive-free, removable, re-useable, reduces glare and protects against harmful UV rays.

I can think of tons of uses for it and I bet you could too, so we’re giving you a chance to win one $75 gift card at Wallpaper for! Enter via Rafflecopter below and let me know what you plan to do with your Wallpaper for Windows products.

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Disclaimer: I received free product from Wallpaper for Windows for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have some really close neighbors too so this would be such a great solution!!! Thanks for introducing me to them!!

  2. I’ve been thinking of getting some type of privacy film for bathroom too – since our window is above our toilet. I’m also thinking about it for our laundry room door. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  3. I live in an upstairs apartment with a large upper porch. The door has an oddly sized window, and I really hate having a curtain on it since it’s the only light that comes in the living room. I wish I had known window film existed years ago!

  4. Your shade looks great girlie! I love that stuff – I used a different brand in my master bathroom but it’s so so great. You still get all the light but total privacy!

  5. When a theatre company I was with took over a church, we remodeled the basement to be our set shop. Only problem was there were doors EVERYWHERE. So we bought nice doors with little windows in them and then got stained glass window film (may have been this company actually) and I took two weekends to panel each window individually. The effect is really pretty and something I am very proud of when I visit there. So many uses for this stuff its not even funny!

  6. Very cool product, Jessica! That looks amazing!

  7. The power company recently told me to get window film to help insulate my windows since I have a few the sun beats through all day and I have a house that the kids walk by when going to and leaving School so I would also like some privacy with out having the curtains closed.

  8. I would get their Frosted Window Film for my french doors.

  9. I would use in my upstairs bathroom that faces my neighbors kitchen

  10. Big Bamboo Etched Glass Privacy Film on my bedroom window

  11. I would LOVE to get the Allure Etched Glass Window Film 16″ x 74″ for my sidelight!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  12. Your window looks great! I’m wondering if they have blackout or opaque films…say for a nursery? That is what I’d use it for!


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