Decorating with Blue and Wallpaper for Windows Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who entered my first ever giveaway from Wallpaper for Windows and for helping to make it a success! The winner of the $75 gift card is:

Andrea J. I’ll contact you about your prize!


Did you know they have all kinds of window film colors too? Speaking of color, I’ve been noticing my gravitation towards styling my home with shades of blue. I think style is an ever evolving behavior. It’s taken me a long time, and I don’t ever want to be finished, to figure out what I love in my home and what I don’t. More often than not, color is something we are drawn to naturally. This is the case with me and decorating with blue.

Starting with my Restless Sea {by Behr} dresser that I painted last year. It’s in my office and stores lots of paper supplies and the like. I found this previously white dresser on the sidewalk just a few houses down. We actually carried it home.

Decorating with Blue

Re Painted Dresser

The other major blue piece is the coffee table I turned into an ottoman. This was another curb side find. There are many treasurers in the trash for sure.

I found this blue velvet fabric at a warehouse closing sale and couldn’t leave without it. I actually have 2 yards of it in grey I’m waiting to find a use for.

I always meant to change out the blue slipcover for another fabric for the spring or summer, but I can’t bring myself to take it off! I specifically make a slipcover just for that purpose, apparently my idea hasn’t worked.

Coffee Table Turned Ottoman


This was a blue dresser whose drawers didn’t work well anymore, so I made it into shelves. This was a piece I made over to sell; it was purchased a few months ago. Blue, blue, blue.

Blue Dresser


Blue Dresser Makeover

I couldn’t help myself from spray painting this little pet horse. He’s in the dining room on the bookshelves. You can catch a glimpse of the ottoman and pillows, in what color? Blue.

Bookshelves makeover

Bookshelves makeover

The living room has a blue lamp.

How to make curtains longer

The foyer has a blue side table.


I guess I just love blue. Deep, dramatic blue. Have I gone too far with using the left over paint? Should I try and bring some yellow into my life? Sometimes I wonder if we have too many blue accents, so I’m trying to add variety to my color choices.

What may be my next color obsession?

How about Deep Amazon – this is the actual color name by Clark + Kensington. Fabulous right? I’ve already painted with it, and will show you soon.

Deep Amazon Paint

Do you gravitate to a certain color or colors in your home? What are they?


  1. I’ll tell you, I never considered blue my thing but I can see some touches of blue/aqua creeping into our Key West house. Yours are awesome!!!

  2. My go to color is red. I love looking around and seeing that color pop out from different places. Though my office is a deep blue on the walls and I’m accenting it with yellows, glass, and whites. I think I might add in some silver in the coming weeks.

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