Intro to Chalk Paint Class {Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}

With the weather warming up and finishing classes this week {yahoo!}, I am really happy it’s finally spring. Sunshine and 50+ degrees can only mean one thing around here. Furniture makeovers! And just in time I got to take an Introduction to Chalk Paint class this past Saturday to learn all about the amazing things I can do for my upcoming projects.

Intro to Chalk Paint

I met up with Tyra (center in the apron) and three other classmates to finally dive into the wonderful world of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Tyra is owner of Blue Sky Design Supply, a local green product home store. She is the local seller of chalk paint, as well as many other amazing green home products. {That’s me, second from the left if you didn’t know}.

I’ve used chalk paint before but have not yet had a formal lesson in what it can do. This class was the perfect way to learn about the ways to use it, distress it and wax it, among other options. Now I can finally perfect my technique and really see what chalk paint can do.

Upon arriving to class we were treated like queens! It was held right at the store, where it’s fun to browse for items and see all the paint samples on display. She’s even painted a desk in chalk paint and set us up in our own area for the class. We each got a box of wood pieces on which we tried some different techniques.

Paint Class

Donned in her Annie Sloan apron, Tyra started us off with sanding some of the pieces to smooth them out, and to get a feel of what sand paper can do to a piece of wood. It prepares the surface for painting and will remove debris.

The chalk paint display at the store is so nice, it makes you want to get every color! Plus we received some informative handouts about the things you can do with chalk paint.

Paint Class 2

We got to try different colors of the paint, both the clear and dark wax, as well as milk paint, which I had not used yet. It created a neat effect on our sample piece of wood and comes in many colors. It’s the green paint in the photo below.

If’ you’ve not heard of either chalk or milk paint, there are many similarities but some differences on the products. Both are meant for all kinds of surfaces and need little to no preparation. But they each “finish” differently. There are a lot of ways you can use and work with chalk paint, while milk paint will take on its own life and chip off your piece in an interesting way for a worn look.

Paint Class 3

We were asked to bring to class a small piece to make over and practice on. I brought two small pieces which I plan to makeover for a friend in a fun bright color. The side table was actually the table my pet parrot’s cage was on when we were little. Even though it is cracked and old, it has sentimental value 🙂 And the frame was make from left over wood we had. My husband put it together one day.

After some lessons and work on our pieces, we were treated to a gourmet lunch that was simply delicious. With some vino and chocolate for dessert, this was about the best class I’d ever been to! Too bad they can’t do that in grad school right? Wine in between lessons probably wouldn’t go over so well. Zzzzzz.

These are pics of my pieces before.

Paint Class 4

We got to see some of the sample pieces Tyra has done for the store. My favorite technique, which I’m still perfecting, is the washed look. It’s where you water down a second color and put it over a first color, kind of like a glaze. While it’s still wet, you wipe off the second color to get a nice layered look.

Paint Class 5

Plus we learned about burnishing. I think I love it! I’m going to have to get some of that special black sand paper and tell you more about how it works.

And you’ll have to come back to see how my pieces turned out. I brought them home to wax and finish, since I have all the supplies.

If you’ve not been to a chalk paint class, look to see if there is one in your area. You can learn a lot of things to do that you might not have expected, plus it’s fun to find local crafty friends. Take a look at the Annie Sloan retailers map to find one near you. And if you’d like to find out more about Blue Sky Design Supply, find them online here.

Have you ever been to a craft or hobby class? What about a painting class?


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