Guess What? We Have a Roommate!

I have the most exciting news! After more than 13 years of living in Florida, my sister is moving home!
I’m simply over the moon 🙂 My only sibling, Angela, is 13 months older than me and got married in December 2011. She and her husband Rob have been working and living in Orlando for the past 6 years, and she’s been there since she graduated from college in the late 90’s.

She works for the mouse. You know which one. While some people see this house castle as a vacation spot, she’s there for business. But it’s still fun, especially when you get the inside scoop on the workings of WDW.

Rob and Ang

But as fate would have it, Rob finished his degree in December and landed a new job here in {still cold} upstate New York, where the rest of our family is.  It’s so exciting!
While Ang stays at her job for a while in Orlando, Rob has moved in with my husband and me.  We’ve got plenty of space and I’m happy to have him. I’d pretty much do anything to get them back home.

Our first order of business was to clean out the guest room. Wardrobe, dresser and all. My winter blankets are still looking for a home.


What used to be my extra craft space, yoga studio, and clothes drying area is now a bedroom for my brother in law.

Guest Room

We tried to rearrange it for a comfy live-in room. It went from this,

Guest Room

to this. And Rob moved it even again. Whatever he likes is good with us.

Guest Room

They drove from Florida and arrived at our door one late Friday night, luggage and all. Weary travelers for sure.

Moving In

Ang and Rob

Rob loves plants so he brought his soil, containers, and everything. He even gave me one. Let’s pray it lives. I’ll have to have him guest post on here about plants. Sounds like a good plan?



While we loved vacationing with these two, including a recent trip when we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we’re so glad to have them here. In this pic while we were in the hotel, I told them to pose before we were headed out to the gym. I believe this one is called ‘Stretching.’

It’s a blast to have a sibling close in age to you and our husbands get along so well. My sister is my best friend 🙂 And now I get to have her home with me!


Over the past 3 weeks we’ve been showing Rob the sights. Including the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We have a huge Irish community where I live and had a blast, even though it was chilly.


House hunting will be next and as soon as they find a place then my sister can move up here too and I get to help decorate. I know she already wants to make tons of crafts she’s seen on Pinterest for their first house. I’m in!

Until then, our cupboards are looking a little more, well, magical…. And thats 100% alright by me 🙂


Have you ever had family move in with you for a while?

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  1. That’s wonderful what a great new adventure for your sister & her husband and you! Oh and I love the stripes in room with all the original dark trim very pretty! 🙂


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