Bathroom Updates: Primed Ceiling and Painted Heat Register

Since my bathroom makeover plan got longer recently, I’ve been working to make some serious progress on the to do list. For a small bathroom, it certainly has a lot of items that need attention.

Next up was to paint the heat register and repair and paint the ceiling. I am just about painting everything in the room at this point. It’s such a small space, picture it with the ladder in there, paint cans, tools. This is what I’m working with.

bathroom disaster

The ceiling needed some repair around the light over the shower.

Shower Light

So I opened up some spackle. I use the Dap brand that goes on pink and dries white. I love a new can of Spackle.


After 3 applications of the pink stuff, I sanded and then… and here’s is a secret for you…. only primed the ceiling. It needed a paint job and I actually didn’t get to completely paint it yet, I only primed it.  I wanted to paint it the same color as the walls but we didn’t have enough of that color left and I’m being el cheapo thrifty about this project so it got a coat of Kilz Clean Start primer. That’s it.

Bathroom Ceiling

Maybe I’ll paint it someday after we replace the shower tile, but for now primer it is.

And the heat register also needed repair around the wall. This is what it looked like before. Clearly someone just painted around it when a new color went on.

Bathroom Before

I pried it off, trying to keep as much of the drywall in place as I could.  This is only one of two rooms in the house that has drywall. The kitchen is the other. Besides that we have plaster.  The register needed a good vacuum and sanding, not to mention a paint job.

Heat Register Before

I think it’s funny when you take things off the walls like this, you get to see what color your rooms used to be. This bathroom was yellow and a light blue previously {which we found cans of in the basement when we moved in}. I spackled around it too.

Heat Register repair

The register itself got a Krylon Brilliant Silver makeover to match the mirror and sconces. Their silver is my favorite, it’s a great color. The register went from drab to fab. I like how the color blends in with the paint. This wall color is Flint Smoke by Behr. We have the same color in our bedroom.

Heat Register

I can’t wait until the floor goes from drab to fab too. It has way too much adhesive and paper backing from the vinyl floor I ripped out. I’m still trying to get it off.  Two items off the list. OK, one and a half, but progress none the less. Here is the latest on the bathroom updates:
Bathroom Mini Makeover Plan

Paint and seal the vanity More on that here
Spray paint the mirror and sconces More on that here
Prime and paint the window frame More on that here
Make a roman shade for the window
Get some kind of covering for the window glass
Put up a shelf and some art on the walls More on that here
Re-do the towel hooks More on that here
Get a new rug
Finish cleaning off the floor adhesive
Replace broken floor tiles
Replace baseboards
Prime and paint the ceiling More on that here
Replace the vanity top
Select and get a new faucet for the vanity
Paint the heat vent cover More on that here
Paint and seal the door frame
Strip and seal the back of the door
Restore the doorknob

How is the progress on your projects these days?


  1. The register looks so much better, like brand new better! 🙂

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