Stylish Alarm Clocks

This past weekend was daylight savings time and on Sunday I spent a few minutes updating the clocks all around the house. I even figured out how to adjust the one on the stove hood. How tricky are those right? It only took me 2 1/2 years to figure out. At night when I went to fix my ancient alarm clock at my bedside I pressed the wrong button and couldn’t get it off. Now you must know, and you can snicker all you want, the alarm clock I’ve been using was a gift at my high school graduation.

I’ll wait until you finish laughing at me.  Go ahead, it’s crazy I know! It even had a cassette deck that you could wake up to. Ancient I tell you. Well I pressed the wrong button and couldn’t get it to turn off, so I’d had enough. I’m getting rid of the cassette-playing alarm clock and now I’m going to look for a new one.

In stead of the same old red digits on the plug in option, I’d like to bring some style to my morning wake ups. Here are a few favorites. Any that you like?


Wayfair | Amazon | West Elm | Target | IKEA | MOMA

What type of alarm clock do you have at your house?


  1. I need an alarm clock bad! I’ve just been using my cell phone not a good idea, when your battery runs low, lol. I really like # 3 🙂

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