More on the Bathroom Makeover Plan

Quite a while ago when my hubs went out of town I decided to do a surprise makeover in our main bathroom. I got a few things accomplished that weekend, and more recently make a totally comprehensive, includes-every-upgrade-I-could-think-of, all inclusive plan about what to do to that room to give it a shiny new look.

Until I added to the plan today.  I forgot a few things! I’m adding paint and seal the door frame, strip the back of the door and the hardware, seal the door, and paint the heat vent cover.  Oh and the floors if we’re really including everything although those are way down the road. That’s about half the list! OK, not really, but about a third.

Here is where I started, what I’ve completed so far, and *new items:

Bathroom Mini Makeover Plan

Paint and seal the vanity More on that here
Spray paint the mirror and sconces More on that here
Prime and paint the window frame More on that here
Make a roman shade for the window
Get some kind of covering for the window glass
Put up a shelf and some art on the walls More on that here
Re-do the towel hooks More on that here
Get a new rug
Finish cleaning off the floor adhesive
Prime and paint the ceiling
Replace the vanity top
Select and get a new faucet for the vanity
Replace broken floor tiles*
Replace baseboards*
Paint the heat vent cover*
Paint and seal the door frame*
Strip and seal the back of the door*
Restore the doorknob*

Now the door refinishing might have to wait until our basement bathroom is done since we’d have to totally remove the door, take the mirror of and all that jazz. Same with the floor since we have to take out the toilet to repair the floor.

The door frame inside the bathroom is not original to the house, and in fact is that oak color trim that pretty much nobody likes, so I’ll paint it white to match the window and the future baseboards. You can see the original wood trim on hubs’ office in the distance.

Bathroom Before

Isn’t that poster hilarious? We have it there since our guests get a little rowdy. Just kidding! It’s from Kennedy Prints.

And this, much to my continued embarrassment about this space {you know we have a shell sink} is what the back of the doorknob looks like.

Bathroom Before

I’ve got to restore that pronto. The front of the doorknob is unpainted thankfully. See the back of the door is painted white? And there is a large mirror on it, so I’ll take off the mirror, strip and refinish the door, the replace the mirror.

And in that pic you can see the heat register which also needs a makeover. And the missing baseboards from the ongoing floor remodel.

Bathroom Before

It’s quite a list, but I’m working on it. Who knew a simple surprise makeover could yield 452 to-do items?

I also wanted to show you new photos I took of my DIY jewelry holder. I made it a few years ago before I had a fabulous new camera and knew about the magic of lighting. Here is the tutorial and new pics at the bottom, like this.

Jewelery Organizer

Have a lovely weekend! I hope your project list is shorter than mine 🙂


  1. Talk about a lovely door knob!! So pretty! The smallest rooms often have the longest list! 🙂

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