I Know What I Don’t Like

It will be three years this June since we’ve lived in this house. Our first house, the first place I’ve really gotten to decorate and create things, and unleash my style on all the rooms within.
Over that time I’ve done many different types of projects. Some furniture, some painting, some window treatments {finally}. Along the way I feel like I’m fine tuning what I want our rooms to look like. What I want them to be, how I want them to feel. 
I’ve always been the girl whose taste changes every few months. It makes me so nervous to decorate! Will I like the color in a few weeks? Should I take a risk with some bold pillows? Can I afford a different rug?
Believe me, I struggle with decorating. But I love the journey. What I’ve discovered for sure is what I don’t like.
Take this pink for example, honeysuckle, I should say. It was the color of the year and all so I tried it out. I mean it looks so fabulous in the pages of House Beautiful, it must look good in my house too right?

I repainted that stool within weeks. I even got a pink and white fabric for my office chair. I just didn’t love it with the green chair that is in there too.


So recovered it.

Remember long ago the cranberry I painted in my apartment’s kitchen {before I knew how to take photos of course}. What was I thinking? I’m so over the red-ish colors. I don’t know why either! I basically have eliminated them from everywhere.

Map & Spices

These blue chevron stripes I painted on my side tables in the living room? Covered.

I think I got over the chev trend pronto, I just didn’t want them there anymore.

How to Paint Chevron

I got this pink paint sample too and I’ve never used it. I don’t know why I picked pink! Apparently I have some kind of pink and chevron aversion?


This red chair and table? I’ve sold the table and the chair is up for grabs too. You want it?

This was a long ago picture, it looks completely different in that room now, thank goodness!

Sitting Area

Maybe I didn’t pick the right colors? Maybe I just don’t like red?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad to know what I don’t like anymore. It’s helping me get closer to what I do.

Do you ever figure out what you don’t like?

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