How to Paint Lighting While it’s Still on the Wall

Another part of my upstairs surprise bathroom makeover was to re-paint the sconces on the wall and the mirror to match. Now I know there is an easier way to do this – paint sconces {like take them down and outside} but I didn’t have time or patience for that. I wasn’t up for that whole electric disconnection thing either. I simply sprayed them as is. Right on the wall.  Here’s how paint lighting {while it’s still on the wall}.

Wait, first the before and before the before pictures. When we moved in these lovelies were shiny gold. Dated, not my style so I gave them some Oil Rubbed Bronze love. Also while they were on the wall. And a new mirror to replace the dated cabinet.
Upstairs bath
Bathroom Updates

An improvement, but with the black hooks, gold faucet, and silver shower hooks, there was too much color variation going on with the metals in there. The mirror actually came in that oil rubbed bronze color and I like it, so I painted the lights to match, but it was time for another update.

First, I took out the bulbs and took off the shades, then I taped around the sconces, where it met the wall with painter’s tape.

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

This will take a few minutes, but it’s worth it. You don’t want to get spray paint on your wall, it’s oil based and that wont work if you need to paint over it with latex.

Then I taped on scrap paper and brown paper bags around the lights.

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

See that hole in between the lights? That’s where the old mirror cabinet was before {see above}. The mirror actually covers it exactly.

Then I sprayed. Now IF you do this inside, please, please make sure you wear a respirator, evacuate all other people from the house and open the window! I never would spray anything else inside, but this was kind of a must, so I did it in short light spurts and set the fan on to move the air outside.

You’d think the spray would go all over but it won’t.

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

This spray paint was Krylon’s Brilliant Silver, which I’m in love with. It has these amazing silver flecks in it and is such a deep, truly brilliant color. It’s my go-to silver.

Replace your shades, bulbs and you’re done! The mirror was painted outside, since it came off the wall.

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

See what I mean about the silver? Brilliant. These look like they came this way.

Lighting Spray Paint Makeover

Again – wear a respirator! Even when you paint outside.

Here is the latest in the Bathroom Mini Makeover Plan

Paint and seal the vanity More on that here
Spray paint the mirror and sconces
Prime and paint the window frame More on that here
Make a roman shade for the window
Get some kind of covering for the window glass
Put up a shelf and some art on the walls More on that here
Re-do the towel hooks More on that here
Get a new rug
Finish cleaning off the floor adhesive
Prime and paint the ceiling
Replace the vanity top
Select and get a new faucet for the vanity

And happy Friday! I hope it’s warmer by you than it is by me, brrrr!

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  1. I’m impressed! Spray paint are not friends! lol so I would have made a bug crazy mess trying to do that indoors — the new colors looks good

  2. I have the exact same sconces and I’m about to spray paint mine too – I’m using the same technique except I’ve unscrewed them from the wall first to avoid painting the screws in place. So glad to see someone else doing this so I know I’m on the right track!


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