Bathroom Vanity Makeover {Chalk Paint Makeover}

Our upstairs bathroom, which is the main bathroom in our house, is on the list next for a makeover. And it has a loooooong to do list.  One weekend while my husband was out of town, I did a mini makeover of sorts {planned} and it turned into me ripping up the floor {unplanned}. These are things I do for fun :-)  One item I wanted to do in the makeover was to paint the vanity.  I decided that the best solution was a chalk paint makeover.
Enter the before, it needs paint.  Or demo. Paint was in doable in a weekend. This is a picture of the room before we moved in.

Chalk Paint Makeover

I remember this day actually because we were sanding the floors and I was cleaning the bathroom. I should have had industrial size bleach, ewww.Although what do you think of my gold faucet?! And shell sink?!


Part of my makeover was to paint the vanity with Annie Sloan chalk paint. In graphite specifically, which is a dark charcoal grey. This was the first item I painted with chalk paint, so I was curious to see how it would come out.
This is the only good close up I have of the vanity. It was when we discovered the secret drawer in the bottom of the vanity. Bonus extra storage.

Vanity with secret drawer

After taping off the floor, and assembling my supplies, I got to work. This was at about 9:00pm one night. That’s what happens when I do surprise makeovers.

Bathroom vanity makeover

This was after one coat. Sorry this picture is blurry. I watered down the chalk paint just a little since I like the way it goes on that way better.

Bathroom vanity makeover

This chalk paint performs miracles. It goes on so easily and covered so well.

Bathroom vanity makeover

After two coats of paint and two coats of polycyclic (I used the water based kind), I had a completely new vanity.

Bathroom vanity makeover

You can see this was also during the time I was ripping up the floor. I sprayed the hardware in satin nickel, they also look brand new.

Bathroom vanity makeover

Bathroom vanity makeover

Bathroom vanity makeover

I like how you can also see the wood grain shape under the paint.
After I painted this I stood back and thought that the room would look 1,000 times better with a new floor and a new vanity top. So you can guess what’s up next on the bathroom makeover to do list – new vanity top. We have to find a new one first, and get a new faucet.
But I’m so pleased with the vanity. My husband came home and thought I replaced it. Ha! I wish. Maybe some day we’ll get a smaller one, I think this one is a little too big for the room but this is a budget makeover and we are also working on the basement bathroom.
An improvement? Definitely!
Have you used chalk paint, what about in a bathroom?
Here is the latest:
Bathroom Mini Makeover Plan
Paint and seal the vanity
Spray paint the mirror and sconces
Prime and paint the window frame
Make a roman shade for the window
Get some kind of covering for the window glass
Put up a shelf and some art on the walls
Re-do the towel hooks
Get a new rug
Finish cleaning off the floor adhesive
Prime and paint the ceiling
Replace the vanity top
Select and get a new faucet for the vanity
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  1. awesome redo! i love it with its glossy finish!

  2. awesome redo! i love it with its glossy finish!

  3. It turned out great! There is hope for those wooden cabinets! Question for you..after the second coat of paint was it still a charcoal color? I love how it turned out, but am curious if it’s as black as it looks? I painted a friends oak side table with Annie Sloan graphite and they were not happy at all with the result. They were looking for a “black” finish. She even added an ounce of black paint to it to darken the paint. Any suggestions? Now I want to start on mine. Thanks for the inspiration

    Andrea xxoo

  4. Hi Andrea,

    I tell you that chalk paint is heaven sent. It works on anything and in areas like this when you seal it. I thought waxing would be too hard on a vanity, so on went the poly. It looks amazing.

    Yes, the color without the poly is charcoal. It looks darker in the photos, I think it’s just the light. But it came out like the color of the graphite paint which is a dark grey. So no, it’s not as black as it looks.

    If you didn’t yet seal it you can always get a small sample of something and glaze over it with black if they want that look. Or just paint over it solid with a black. I believe you can do that over chalk paint.

    Hope this helps – Jessica

  5. The vanity makeover turned out so pretty!! I have yet to try chalk paint, but I’m always reading good things about it.

  6. I LOVE your vanity makeover. I have a similar vanity with the hidden bottom drawer. It is Birch so it has some type of poly on it now but it is sooo plain and boring. My question is, did you sand before painting? Did you need to primer it? How long did the whole process take you?


    • Hi Yolanda. Thanks for the sweet comment on the vanity. I did not sand the vanity at all since I used chalk paint on it. That’s the beauty of the paint, you don’t have to remove anything or sand. I did quickly wipe it down with a damp paper towel just to get off any surface dust however. I did not use any primer either, just 2 coats of chalk paint, slightly watered down (just slightly). I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in graphite. Then I put 2 coats of clear polycrylic on top of the chalk paint to seal it. It took about an hour and a half of painting time, not counting drying time. Hope this helps and good luck with your project!

  7. Hello! Soooo going to do this to my 80’s vanity that cannot be replaced. A couple of questions – 1. Did you remove the doors and drawers or just paint with them in place? How did that work out? 2. Did you use actual Annie Sloan chalk paint or a make your own kind? 3. If you did use AS paint, where do you find it the best place to buy it?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Laura,

      I did not remove the doors, but I did remove the knobs to spray paint them a different color. The drawers didn’t come out, so I also painted them in place, by pulling them out a bit to do so. I used Annie Sloan brand in graphite. There is a local place where I live so I buy it there. You only need a small amount too, I mix mine with a little bit of water to make it a little less thick but you don’t have to do that. You can search on the Annie Sloan web site for a retailer near you here.

      I just wiped down the vanity to remove debris, but didn’t sand it at all. Hope this helps and good luck with the makeover!

  8. Looks Amazing.. Just started using Annie Sloan and loving not priming. Just curious how did you apply your poly?

  9. Curious as to how it’s holding up after a year with the poly over it? Are you still loving the chalk paint vanity?

    • Hi Lauren,

      Yes we are still loving it. The vanity is holding up great! I have to say I’m really pleased with it, even more than some other painted furniture. I would definitely use poly over chalk paint on other projects too. Thanks for asking.

  10. I’m thinking of trying this in the master bathroom.. I’m afraid that using spray paint will get paint on the walls/floors/ceilings etc. Did you find that the spray was hard to control and that it would drift from the area you intended it to land on?

  11. Sounds like me. When my husband leaves for a day or two, I burst into projects, staying up until the wee hours of the night. Love it.

  12. Hello! I’m going to try the graphite on my son’s bathroom vanity but I have a few questions. First, did you paint the interior of the vanity and behind the doors? Second, did you use the clear wax at all or just the poly? Thanks!

    • Hi Meghan,

      I did not paint the inside of the doors. You can see that in one of the pictures on the post I think, but you certainly could paint them if you wanted. I on;y used polycrylic on it. Two coats actually. Wax wouldn’t be a good choice in a bathroom because of the humidity maybe, plus it shows fingerprints and you have to buff and reapply it yearly. So I thought the poly would be the best for a bathroom and it turned out great.

  13. Can u do this on white pressed wood cabinets . We have cheap kind in laundry room/ half bath .

    • Hi Amy,

      Chalk paint will work on most surfaces without sanding. Just make sure they are clean and you seal them well, maybe with polycrylic like I used. Best of luck with your project!

      • Hi Jessica,
        I was curious, what made you use the chalk paint, vs Rustolium, vs stain? Is it the texture, appearance, ease., etc? Thank you in advance! The cabinet looks amazing!

        • Hi Mesha,

          I used the chalk paint for two reasons: 1. Because this vanity was already stained and sealed and I didn’t want to strip it. That would have been very difficult to do (because of where it is located next to the wall) and since I was going to paint it, unnecessary. You can’t put stain over a sealed piece of furniture, meaning one that has poly or sealant on it of some type. And 2. Because chalk paint doesn’t require any preparation or sanding, so I put it directly on the finish that was on the vanity. It was the easiest way to redo the vanity. I hope this helps!

  14. Hello – I am contemplating painting my 54-year-old bathroom vanity, so I was happy to find your blog tonight. Question….the first coat of the chalk paint…does it go on gray and then change to black? It really looks more black than gray. Or is that a primer? I couldn’t figure that out. Did you put the floor in yourself? I will check out your updates because I want to see how you painted the sconces. Good job!

    • Hi Annie,

      The chalk paint I used on this was called graphite by Annie Sloan and is actually a dark gray. It may look black in the photo though. I did not use primer, you don’t have to with chalk paint. I used 2 slightly watered down coats of chalk paint then 2 coats of polycrylic.

      We put in a new sheet vinyl floor recently. You can find that if you search for it on here. And I spray painted the sconces while they were on the wall. Hope that helps!

  15. Hi Jessica, I’m amazed by how great the vanity looks! I have one that I’ve been wanting to do up! It’s a double sink and 4 cupboards. I’m just wondering how it has worn being in a wet area? Also the handles, I’d be worried that the paint would scratch off, has this happened? I have 3 young children under 6 and they are pretty hard on everything. Thank you so much


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