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Since we’re in the middle of a total remodel over here, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to use to put the basement bathroom back together. Flooring, tile, lighting, paint.  That means lots of Houzz, lots of Pinterest and lots of window shopping for all sorts of things.

When we took this project on Mr. Decor Adventures said he’d be in charge of demolition and construction while I was in charge of design and sourcing. Hmm, what if I wanted to put up the drywall? I’m sure he’d let me 😉

So I stay clean and comfy on the couch pinning things all afternoon while he gets old tile parts in his hair and gives me looks like this when I try to take pictures.

Mr. Decor Adventures

{I’m going to hear about it for that one}

But things are moving right along since we had the foundation repaired, we can make progress on the floor and walls. Next up we call the plumber to fix some things.Our bathroom will be “three piece” as they say on Love It or List It. With a vanity, toilet and shower. For the shower we’ll be framing out a larger rectangle than was there before, so we are thinking of a glass door.

birch & lily

There are so many beautiful examples of how you can configure the doors. Sliding, hinged, or double-hinged are all good options. And the modern simple look is definitely my style.


Brooklyn Limestone

We’ve even considered one where the glass wall is stationary and you walk into the space like this.

New England Home Magazine

Toronto Interior Designer Avalon Interiors

Our shower area will be pretty close to this photo below when we are finished. The walls will enclose the shower and of course we’ll have the curb to step over once you are getting in. Well, this is what we are thinking of for now.

Better Homes and Gardens

I also like the idea of a seat in the shower, however I’m not sure we’ll have room.

Better Homes and Gardens

New York General Contractor Prestige Custom Building & Construction, Inc.

I especially like the tile in this shower.

Seattle Interior Designer ID by Gwen

There are definitely pluses and minuses when it comes to the glass panels. Can you think of more? What else should I be thinking of?

  • Contemporary look
  • Opens up the small space
  • Can order it locally


  • Price
  • Need to clean it a lot
  • Can we install it ourselves?

Which of these do you like the best? Do you have a glass wall in the shower?

P.S. See more of my bathroom inspiration here and here.

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  1. My parents put in a glass wall in their downstair shower. Keeping it clean was not an issue really. They left a squeegy in it and after we use it, we swipe all the water off the glass. Once a week they clean the glass. Nothing major.

    What I had difficulty with was that the shower was directly across from a huge mirror. You literally could watch yourself take a shower, if that was your thing. So watch where you put a mirror. It could be intimidating.

  2. Hi TC,

    Good to know about the door, thanks for the cleaning tip. And I know what you mean about the mirror. I’ll keep that in mind!

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