Everyday Winter Mantel Decorating

Today I’m going to give you a break on seeing our bathroom get demolished {although if you miss it, don’t worry there is more to come soon, I promise}. I thought I’d show you our winter mantel decorating. This is what I call everyday decor. It’s after the holiday season, before the spring, just simple neutral decorations on the mantel.

Everyday Winter Mantel

I’ve kept up the marble framed paper since I simply cannot get enough of it. I’m thisclose to putting up on the wall permanently. Don’t tempt me! It would be the first thing I’ve actually hung on that wall since we moved in. And marble paper – you’re the front runner!

I tend to shop the house when I change things up after the holidays. I have mostly white, grey or metallic accessories, so I brought some together for this look.

Winter Mantel Decorating

The gold arch, metal fleur de lis, and artichoke were all thrifted. The pen on paper in the white frame is a drawing by my artist husband. Isn’t he good? It’s of a fountain and gardens from his first visit to Paris.

Winter Mantel Decorating

The frame at the far left end was a gift from our in laws at Christmas. The frame was made from the old wood of the barn in the photo. It’s on land near where they live and belonged to a family member. I thought that was such a sentimental gift, plus the texture of the frame is wonderful. We have to find a permanent place for it soon.

Everyday Winter Mantel

Plus way there at the end is my friend the horse. I love this little book end-like shape he is. I thrifted it, so there is only one, but it’s adorable. Notice how I’ve made that a verb – thrift?

Everyday Winter Mantel

I’ve kept the mirror and wood in the firebox and the bear rug is leftover from Christmas, but I thought they go so well together for these cold months. The chair is a move from the guest room. I love it here in the foyer. You might have caught it in the curtain post.

Mantel Decorating

Just next to the fireplace is the rest of the foyer. The sunburst mirror, glass console table and grandpa’s suitcases are still holding down the fort. Although I am thinking of doing something to those back walls sometime soon…. any suggestions? Stencil? Wall paper? A different mirror? Accent wall color, hmmmm? You might be able to tell what I’m leaning towards on my walls Pinterest board. Any guesses?

Everyday Winter Mantel

That’s what the foyer is looking like these days. Simple, neutral, and filled with items I love. What could be better in home decor?

Have you done any everyday decorating these days?


  1. hi Jessica! That looks really nice.

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