Basement Bathroom Before

I think I’m going to declare February ‘Bathroom Month’ here. We’ve been doing bathroom projects {yes more than one} over the past few months. OK, well not that long. Except if you count when I started a mini makeover one weekend while Mr. DA was out of town and discovered hex tile upstairs. That was fun!

I’m still working on that 🙂

We’ve also been doing lots of work in the bathroom downstairs too.  We actually don’t have a bathroom on the first floor of the house. We have one in the basement and on the second floor. The basement one was atrocious.

Today you get to see the before pictures. It is a before state if you’ve ever seen one, prepare yourself.

But we have big plans for this powder room. Some of my inspiration is on my Pinterest board and on my Houzz ideabook.

Here it is.

Basement Bathroom Before

It’s a beauty right?

When we bought the house we were glad for the bathroom down there; it’s really convenient since my craft area is in the basement too. Plus the laundry room is in the basement, so we do lots of things in that area of the house.

It has a shower stall, which I never stepped foot in eeeww. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

Basement Bathroom Before

What tipped us off to the problems with this bathroom {aside from the dated decor and terrible shower} was the tile on the floor.

I think this was after I had ripped up the plastic baseboard stuff, you know that tough plastic stuff.

Basement Bathroom Before

These tiles were put right on a cement floor. Not the best idea, plus with water problems once in a while it’s no wonder they came up.

The while vanity situation was a hot mess too. It leaked and the MDF was warped from the water.

Basement Bathroom Before

Not to mention it was pink 🙂

Basement Bathroom Before

There was a gap between the shower and the wall and the dated fixtures and the flowered tile.

Basement Bathroom Before

I told you this was the before to end all before pictures.

Basement BathroomNeedless to say, we have already ripped it all out. Yahoo! OK, hubs ripped it all out, I took pictures.  And I will show them to you soon.

This will be the month of the bathroom. I can’t promise we’ll have an after soon, but we will have a much better after as soon as we totally make over this whole room.

Here’s one more shot, just so you know what I’m working with. Bye bye bathroom!

Basement Bathroom Before

We are still working on what we’ll do with the decor and fixtures, I’ll share it all and let you knwo the updates.

P.S. My Habitat for Humanity workshop on Saturday was a lot of fun, I’m going to look for the link from the news story and see if I can post it here, but we definitely have pictures and I’ll get those up soon too!


  1. Can’t wait to see what you do with this bathroom – it’s a good size for a basement!


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