Home Goals 2012 ~ How Did I Do?

Last January I made some ambitious lists. One for projects I wanted to accomplish at home and one for what I wanted to do as a blogger.
We’ll see the blog list Friday, so today let’s take a look at how I did with my home goals from 2012.
What is your prediction? B? A-? C? In the mood for extra credit?
Overall I’d say I accomplished 4 out of the 7 goals for sure. Two are up in the air, and one was a complete non-complete. But there has to be room for improvement right?
Let’s review. And we can start with the fail, just to get that one out of the way.

1. Develop a cleaning schedule and get on it
Sadly this did not happen.  Not even close! Although I thought about it often, does that count? With work and graduate classes, cleaning regularly just did not happen.
Although I think I’ve cleaned more in the past two weeks that all of last year. My new shark steamer could be to blame – in the best possible way ever – more on that later. Love you Santa!
So 2013 will need some focus on cleaning. I need a good spreadsheet or something.
2. Clean out the clutter once and for all
I actually did this, success! We had a yard sale this summer and I basically sorted through every collection of every item we owned to make some dinero and basically get rid of things. Clothes, CDs, vases, bedding, you name it, I sorted through it. Our attic was packed and the day before the sale, the foyer looked like this.


I’m always nesting and getting rid of stuff, so this goal is never totally complete. I have the need for getting rid of stuff, it’s in my nature.
3. Conquer the paperwork
This one was also a check. I had this goal last year to “go paperless” as much as possible. For work, home, everywhere. So I spent some time scanning in paperwork I needed and recycling the rest.
I don’t print things very often, have recycled a lot of magazines, removed myself form mailing lists, and have even gone green with my bill paying. Save the trees!
4. Work on Our Windows

Work on our windows meant get this place some curtains already! We moved in late June 2010 and I hadn’t paid much attention to the window treatments. Aside from the fact that they cost a bundle, we were taking advantage of the former owner’s leftovers, so it satisfied me for a bit.

I did make shades for the dining room, and made curtains for my office, although I still have to show you those.I also made curtains for the living room and foyer. But that was this past week, so technically it doesn’t count!

Dining Room Windows

5. Fix up the Porch

Our front porch was in desperate need of a makeover and surprise, surprise we actually gave it one.

Did I post about it on here?


I told you, life is too busy for blogging sometimes, but just think of all the awesome-ness I’ll get to show you this spring! I’ve got stacks of projects just waiting to make their debut.

Front Porch 2

Two more goals ~ stay with me…

6. Open our home to family and friends

This idea behind this goal was to relax and enjoy our home. Which we do often. We haven’t has as many dinner parties and bar-b-ques as we’d like but we’ve did some major work in the backyard and plan to be hostesses with the mostesses this year. Bring me a cocktail.

And lastly 7. Lucky goal number seven is Plan for the Future

Here the idea was to budget. Save up for projects and prioritize.

Did we do this?

Well kind of. But I don’t know if I blogged about it so much. Maybe I can do more of that.

So what grade do I get? Did you make home goals for this year? I give you an A+. No pressure :-)

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  1. You did really well, I think! With a schedule like yours, it’s amazing you got past creating the list, seriously. I am in the middle of taking my finacial planner/advisor training, and I’m finding it incredibly hard to keep up with the house, the projects, the blog… So hats off to you, my friend. You’re a rock star in my books!!!

  2. a cleaning schedule would be so great, but i could not ever make that work… the day where i have to mop comes and i hate mopping, and there the schedule cycle just ends. :) looking forward to wonderful things this year! and a new porch! :)

  3. a cleaning schedule would be so great, but i could not ever make that work… the day where i have to mop comes and i hate mopping, and there the schedule cycle just ends. :) looking forward to wonderful things this year! and a new porch! :)

  4. I’m not sure how you do any of it, with a full time job and blogging, too! Love the idea of a cleaning schedule, I’m usually just cleaning messes as they happen over here. 😉

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