Customize Your Curtains + How to Sew Pintucks

Since I finally got the curtains for the living room sewn and finished, I was motivated enough to finish the ones for the foyer too. I actually bought a second pair of these curtains so they would visually connect in the front of the house. They were exactly what I was looking for so I grabbed them up. I wanted to do something special to the fabric I was adding onto the bottom, so I played around and figured out how to sew pintucks. I think it gives them a nice little touch.

Of course I needed to lengthen these ones too, just like I did in the living room. Except I did them a little different. I didn’t buy enough of that trim that I loved, it was just a little too much money. And to be honest, I wasn’t thinking about the foyer curtains when I was deciding what to do with the living room ones, so I only ordered enough for one set.

How to Sew Pin Tuck

For the foyer curtains I sewed the same grey fabric on the bottom at the height of the window sill, just like I did for the living room pair. To spice up the fabric a bit, I decided to sewn folds into the fabric, to give it a little texture and interest. It’s called pin tuck. What do you think?

CurtainsHere are all the details and some spooky-ness thrown in.

Before I even sewed on the additional fabric, I folded it every four inches and then ironed the crease that way.

Ironing Curtains

Once I had those creases, I sewed verrry close to the crease a straight line on the right side of the fabric. Then I had one line sewn and more creases to sew.

Sewing Curtains

Then I had two lines sewn and on it went.

Sewing Curtains

I chose four inches so I didn’t have to sew as much 🙂 Plus it seemed like a good visual to have those lines every four inches. The additional fabric was about 23 inches at that bottom part.

Once I pieced the curtains together (again like I did for the living room curtains), I ironed.  Yea, right there in the dining room.

Wow, that takes forever!

Irongin Curtains
And then they were up. #WorstPhotoofthisPostRightHere


The bottom fabric that I added was a different material than the faux silk panels, so it doesn’t lay the same. This isn’t the most important part of this blog post, but I had to show you this picture.


You see that??


This is the first (that I remember) picture I’ve taken in this house where all those globes appear in the picture. And I hope the last.

I’m kind of scared, I get scared easily. I’m going to need help convincing myself that it’s just the lighting… Someone help convince me…

So, moving on. Phew.

To get the curtains to shape all nice and curtain-like, I brought out the professional tools.

Clothes pins.


I kind of pinned parts together for a few days to get them to shape out right. I think it worked.

Yea, this is how our foyer hung out for a bit. Nothing to see here. That’s the old char I redid after having it for a year.

Curtains in Foyer

They ended up coming out really nice.

Custom Curtains

What I did differently with this pair of curtains was to put them on ring clips. I use the same curtain rod from Levolor for all my curtains. It’s silver, simple, and extends a long way, which is perfect for my large windows. And I really love the clips, they look nice and modern.

Curtains on Ring Clips

I already got a few sets of the ring clips for the living room 🙂 And I’m ecstatic to see curtains in this foyer after 2 1/2 year of living here!

And that is how you customize your own curtains. The ghosts people, someone help me forget about them!

Curtina in Foyer

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  1. They just wanted to see the great new curtains you put up! Ghosts are curious, too, right?

    I’m totally teasing you. I am seeing orbs in at least two of your other pictures, all near that left curtain — but you’re also shooting into a window, so it could totally be lens flare!!


    P.S. You could tell them that you really really don’t want to see them because you don’t want to be scared. Maybe they’ll listen.


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