Felt Mistletoe Craft

Hello friends and Happy December 🙂 It’s about 50 degrees here, so it hardly feels like December, but I’ll take it. I’m in the throes of finishing papers as the semester winds down, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sneak away once in a while to work on a project or two. Today I want to show you this felt mistletoe craft I made for the holiday season.

I was inspired by this project from Apartment Therapy Family, and set out to make my own permanent, won’t dry up and fall apart mistletoe.

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

The supplies for this project are sew simple, and yes you do need a sewing machine. At least I used one, although I’m sure there is a way to make these without one. Have you tried?

I used a few pieces of green felt from the craft store, fabric glue, and small white pom pom balls. Plus a ribbon to hang the mistletoe for lots of kissing beneath.

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

I followed the exact instructions on their how to post right here. It’s very easy, and takes only a few minutes actually. So I won’t write them all out, but click through to see how it’s done.

First, you sew the felt together on the short end to get a long pieces, then you cut the felt in long strips.

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

After that you cut it in the wavy shapes to make the ‘petal’ like parts of the mistletoe and sew the pieces together. Again, see the complete how to here. Soon enough I had my very own mistletoe ball of my own to hang up between the living room and foyer.

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

I think it came out pretty much exactly like the original AT project, don’t you?

Felt Holiday Mistletoe

So for the rest of the season, any passers by under the doorway better look out for a smooch or two!

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