Coming Up Holiday Crafts

Hi friends.I promise I won’t bore you with details of finals week and the papers I’m spending all day on the couch writing. Grad school is so much fun! But thankfully this is my last weekend of being a nerd, soon I will get back to more regular blogging and all kids of fun home improvement projects.

Like how we’ve torn the basement bathroom apart and my dining room reveal ~ finally! I hear that some bloggers have a hard time thinking of things to write about.  I have the opposite problem.I have about 60 projects waiting to go, if only I could get the time to write about them! But the end is near. I’ll only be in 2 classes in the spring and I’m really looking forward to more free time.

Coming up this week will be more holiday crafts including how to sew your own stockings. I made these blue velvet ones for our mantel. I’m in love with blue velvet.

How to Make Stockings

And I made a wreath out of greenery scraps. This project is just about free! Come visit next week for the how to.

Greenery Holiday Wreath

And if it ever gets sunny here I’ll be able to photography my mantle. Doesn’t Mother Nature know I have to blog about it!?

Soon enough. I showed a sneak peek on my Facebook page the other day if you can’t wait.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

P.S. Sorry about people who aren’t able to leave comments. I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous spam comments so I switched the comment permissions in Blogger. If you know how I can allow the name/ULR and other comment options, please let me know! I’d love to find out how to get around the restricted comment permissions.


  1. I hope things calm down for you after your finals! Will I see you at haven again next year?

  2. Wow, I seriously can’t even imagine trying to maintain your school, work and blog schedule. Hopefully you guys had an awesome holiday season and Happy New Year!! Bummed we won’t be able to meet up at the airport in ATL again. 🙁

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