Thanksgiving Decorating Elements

While I love to decorate for Halloween every year and can’t wait until I can put up the tree and holiday things, the time in between these two holidays is what sometimes stumps me.
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that doesn’t particularly have it’s own decorations per say, unless you count turkeys and Pilgrims. So I’m always kind of wondering just how to decorate for Thanksgiving.
This year I had a lot of fun with it, using some natural elements and neutral colors, which I will show you this week. But first I’ve rounded up some ways and items you can use to decorate for the season of thanks.
First, look to nature.  Fall is when the earth goes through a rapid transformation and there are beautiful elements you can bring into your home to reflect the changing season.
Wood, leaves, pine cones, and gourds all do the trick.
Think warm and cozy. Thanksgiving is usually when gatherings with friends and family start and people come inside in the cooler weather. They want to be warm and cozy, so fireplaces, candles and comfort all work.
Layers, layers, layers. This is in addition to the warm and cozy. Make sure you put blankets on the couch, and extras in the guest room. Runners on the buffet and perhaps a tablecloth to bring in some textiles.

How do you bring Thanksgiving into your home?

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  1. ohh I love that first fire place mantel! I haven’t really had the chance decorate for Thanksgiving yet, last year we just did Christmas and this year My belly is just too huge haha! I love the decor you chose 🙂

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