Buffalo Spree Home Magazine Feature

Hi friends.  I’m really excited today because my first press article came out recently and I finally got a copy of the magazine! It’s it our local city magazine, Buffalo Spree Home Magazine, which published a home-only magazine twice a year, and I’ve been featured in their fall issue.
Buffalo Spree Home Feature
This was the piece that I wrote about behind the scenes at the photo shoot. You got to see all the fun that goes into a magazine shoot and the mess of my garage. Buy hey, what can you do?
A writer that I met a few years ago when I just moved back home contacted me about a ‘Going Green’ section that he writes, and wanted to know if I wanted to talk about my furniture makeover fun.
Of course!
Here is the list of the magazine’s departments. That’s me on page 24. Apparently I do ‘bright and natural finishes’ 🙂
Buffalo Spree Home Feature
And here is the spread.

Buffalo Spree Home Feature

The photographers wanted me actively working on a piece, so I chose a buffet that I planned to paint in Florence by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The issue was about color, so I thought this would be the perfect one to use.
It was actually the first piece I’ve painted in chalk paint and is still being worked on in the garage.

Buffalo Spree Home Feature

See me there painting the doors of the piece? It looked like this on photo shoot day.

Photo Shoot

I didn’t know if they wanted accessories, hence the tray and books. Turns out we didn’t use them. Hey you never know!
Also in the spread is a dresser, which the photographer loved after I showed him some pieces I had done around the house. It’s my seven layer silver dresser. The first piece I actually distressed, even when at one point it was looking like a tiger. Eventually it came out perfect after I took the sander to it.
So we carried it out onto the driveway to shoot it. Along with the lamp that is usually on it.
Here it is in the magazine.
Buffalo Spree Home Feature
Here it is in my living room. The lamp has since been added. I owe you a living room update.
Dresser Makeover
Here is what they both looked like that day of the shoot.
Photo Shoot
In case you are ever in a local magazine and will wonder if people will recognize you, the answer is yes. And in case you wonder if they will tell others that they saw you in said magazine, the answer is yes. It’s been a honor to be featured!

Thanks to Brian the writer and KC and Carol the photographers, for putting up with my mess of a garage and my wearing too much makeup for a furniture painter 🙂

The article is not available online, sorry. Otherwise I’d include a link.  Now I have to go buy some copies.


  1. This is so impressive! Congratulations on being officially published!

  2. Congrats!!! That is so cool. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Jessica! Hey, I love the silver dresser against those doors – it looks awesome… who would’ve thought to take it outside? The photographer truly has a great eye, both for photos and for talent!

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