Marble Paper Backed Bookshelf

Every once in a while I head to my favorite art store in town to treat myself to a little something special for a project I have in mind. One item the store carries is art paper of all kinds. They have many textures, colors and I’ve been wanting to get some for a project for my office.  I used some of their paper for posters like this Keep Calm poster I found a while ago. It is actually just a piece of paper I turned into a work of art.

Keep Calm and Carry On

I had an idea to make some origami and fell in love with this marble paper.

Marble Paper

The colors were just perfect for a few spaces in my house and I had an idea to make it into origami birds for a light in my office that was a big craft fail. But then I realized the paper was meant for another project and I couldn’t wait to get started on it. We have in our dining room this former laminate cabinet that I splashed with some grey paint one day on a whim. We store all of our glasses and such in it and it fits great in a little corner.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

I always wanted to paint the back of the shelves. I even mentioned that in the makeover post. Here was where my paper would be perfect as a backdrop, on the shelves behind the glassware. It was kind of boring back there anyway.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

So I measured out each of the backs, cut my paper and put it on the back with just a few pieces of doubled sided tape. It took me longer to take all the glasses out of the cabinet, then to put the paper in.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

Marble Paper-Backed Bookshelves

I absolutely love the way it looks. I’m tempted to cover the walls with it someplace.  And I love the layer it brings. I’m loving layering in decorating too, I’m having so much fun with it recently.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

Paper Backed Bookshelf

Now make sure if you do this that the paper lines up together even with a shelf in between it so it looks like one continuous pattern.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

And that is a five minute project with an art store treat.

Paper Backed Bookshelf

Have you dressed up the back of your bookshelves?

See what I did with grass cloth on bookshelves  here. And see all my DIY projects here.

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  1. I love the movement this brings to that corner. And it’s so much fun, too!

  2. I love that paper – so perfect in that cabinet!

  3. I love the new look! You did a great job matching up the paper.

  4. Hi Jessica, looks great! I love the pattern of the paper! The colors would look great in my home too ;(

  5. So this is the famous marbled paper? Will you bring some to Haven next year?! Love it! Pinning for sure, what a gorgeous idea.


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