Boot at My Roost

This is my last weekend before I start another semester of classes on Monday so I will be spending it only doing crafts, furniture makeovers and all kinds of decoraty things. If you didn’t know, in my spare time I’m also a Ph.D. student entering my second year of coursework. It’s quite amazing, but yes, quite time consuming. Someday I’ll have to write a day in the life post. But for now back to the fun stuff.
I’ve been traveling a bit this summer both for work and for fun and recently was feeling a bit removed from my normal routine of doing projects in the evenings. One night this week while I was organizing my old blog posts {yes I’m doing that}, I came across my curtain debacle.

The pair of curtains I finally settled on for the living room were sewn wrong so I went to exchange them and found they were discontinued.  Then I remembered in the comments that one lovely reader named Kate told me where she got the exact curtains I was looking for. And so just like that I ordered them from a store called Boscov’s.

And wouldn’t you know they arrived yesterday, so quick.

White Curtains

I hung them up see how they were, since the last pair I got like this were a hot mess but these ones look great. I’m liking how they hang on the rod and I can always clip them on too with the rings.

White Curtains

They are a bit wrinkled but good. Any tips on ironing something as it’s hanging up are appreciated 🙂 I suppose I should take them down to do that. I need one of those steamer things.

And I need to spice up that lamp shade.

White Curtains

Since my ceilings are nine feet tall and even these 95 inch curtains don’t hit the ground, you can see where I’m going with this right?

White Curtains

Another curtain project. I have serious plans for these which involve this trim and this grey velvet fabric.

The fabric on the right matches the trim more and is thinner, kind of like a suede.  But the fabric on the left is nice thick velvet which I’ve always wanted for curtains, even if it is just part. Which would you use?

Isn’t that trim amazing? It’s from Calico Corners.


Ordering these this week and having them come in so quick gave me a boot to my roost and some much needed return-to-my-happy-place-of-projects. Don’t you love when that happens?

White Curtains

Now I have to get sewing. Have any projects pepped you up lately? Happy weekend before school!


  1. So glad the curtains worked out for you! They look great and I look forward to seeing what you do with the trim!

  2. I like where you’re going with this! 😉 I’m working on a desk right now, and have a million things in the hopper, but the biggest project over the summer has been my blog makeover. It went live today, and I’m working out the kinks. I’ll have a bunch of backlog to take care of in old posts and things, but it feels like such a weight to be able to shift my focus away from the blog for a bit!

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