Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot

Happy weekend! I am still recovering from our trip to France, which I WILL be telling you all about, as soon as I can find some hours from work and all that jazz.
This is our first weekend back so I’m doing laundry and those good things. I even pulled out the cappuccino maker this morning to see if I could replicate the delicious-ness of the cafe au lait that we had. So far it’s a big fat fail but I will definitely be practicing.
Yesterday was my photo shoot for the local home magazine article that I will be in this fall. It was really fun.
I was all Molly makeup and everything and boy did I get made fun of because of it.  The photographer was like “Do you do furniture like this all the time?” As I showed him around in my skirt and diamond earrings.
Hey – a girl’s got to look good and this is a magazine!
The photographer KC and his wife Carol came to take some photos for the article which is due out in October. It’s a green section of the magazine and I talked about how I makeover furniture in environmentally friendly ways.
First we headed out to the garage to see what could be shot there. It was the plan to have some pictures in what I normally wear to paint and work on a piece.
Photo Shoot
Ha! As if.
Nobody wants to see me in these. Least of all myself in a magazine!

Painting Clothes

I was actually in a skirt and simple top and we did end up shooting some of me like that with this buffet I recently started.  Then I changed into painting clothes and painted one of the doors. I kept half of this piece unpainted specifically for that purpose.

This is the first piece I’m doing in Florence by Annie Sloan. I love the color and can’t wait to see it finished.

Photo Shoot

The accessories are there from inside the house because we ended up moving this silver dresser out from the living room to shoot in front of the neighbor’s garage.

Here is Carol accessorizing with some weeds of all things. They looked beautiful.

Photo Shoot

This is what the garage doors look like. Some of you might think they are in need of a paint job but there is definitely an amazing texture and chippy-ness to them, which makes for a great photo.

Where I see weeds and the need for a new driveway, they saw a photo backdrop just perfect as it was.

Photo Shoot

These were the weeds that Carol clipped for the photo. Lesson learned – weeds can be beautiful, use what you’ve got.

Photo Shoot

Here is KC working his magic. And now you know what the inside of my workshop garage really looks like.

Oh the shame, oh the mess!

Photo Shoot

During most shoots these days you’ll see photographers using their laptops to get previews of the shots. That way they can make adjustments right there.

Photo Shoot

KC would shoot and Carol would move little accessories and tell me to look over or up. These two are a great husband and wife team and do a lot of photos for local publications.

Photo Shoot

I can’t wait until the magazine comes out. This is my first press and I’m really grateful to be in this article!

Hope you enjoy the weekend 🙂

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  1. Congrats! How exciting! I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out in the magazine!

  2. well, Molly Makeup, Congratulations! That’s awesome! Will you be putting some of his pictures up once the mag is out, do you think? So that the rest of us can see?
    By the way, someone told me the other day that I was a “no reply blogger” – and I THINK i just fixed that. so email me if you can – and we’ll see.

    I think those pink painty pants looked pretty cute!


  3. Beth Rose says:

    Definitely looking forward to it!

  4. Congratulations, Jessica! Great things are happening, and I’m super excited for you 🙂

  5. So cool – and very exciting!

  6. So cool! Congrats on getting published (soon)! Though I can totally feel your pain at having them shoot in the garage. When we had our condo photographed, they kept opening closet and cabinet doors, and I was so horrified!


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