For Sale: Piano Benches and Chalkboard

Hello and happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent some time yesterday with my first purchase of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. A wonderful green home store and design firm started carrying the product Thursday and I was first in line to buy it! I tried to contain my excitement but I just couldn’t help it. Graphite and Florence await….

More on that soon but today I wanted to share two little makeovers I did, one chalkboard and two little piano benches. Both of these are available locally at the store where I sell my goods.

I actually found two of these little piano benches at two thrift store two weeks apart, can you believe it! Does that happen to you, thrift doubles? So I bought the twin since I thought someone might want to buy a set.

I didn’t even take a before pic, I just jumped right into painting them!

Piano Bench

I thought it was just a side table when I first saw it, but turns out it opens and is a piano bench.

Piano Bench

I used the same silver paint as I used on the dresser in the living room with a little distressing. The paint is kind of streaky so I love the way it works when you sand it a bit.

Piano Bench

I also picked up a chalkboard complete with a tray for chalk at an estate sale a while back.  This one got a few coats of black chalkboard paint.

It used to be green but I gave it a fresh coat of paint after sanding down the leftover stuff on there.

Do you like my mini roller? Valspar sent me that a little while ago with a sample, thanks Valspar!



All of these items can be purchased at Off Beat Emporium if you live in the local area.

Tomorrow I will be back with a Pinterest Challenge. What is that you ask? It’s a reason to get off our butts and actually make something we pinned! A lofty goal for any blogger, trust me 🙂  See you then.

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  1. Oooh I wish you were closer to me! Now I just MUST have a piano bench! I love what you did with it! I’ve been dying to try the chalkboard paint as well! I have a DIY chalk paint on my pinterest I’m about to get on. It’s super easy! You just add grout (I think!) to your paint and it makes it nice and dull and gives it that fabulous chalky finish!

  2. Oh, I love the idea of a set of piano benches! We have a piano but no one plays so it just sits there lookin’ pretty:)


  3. Looks great! Can’t wait to see your Pinterest challenge project!

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