Yard Sale!

So I’ve finally done it. De-cluttered the entire house just in time to have a yard sale tomorrow. 
This process has taken a while, almost a year, but I’ve gone through every drawer, collection, closet and now all the stuff I don’t want or use is up for grabs.
I’ve carried all 3, 218 bags down from the attic and my calves are sore to prove it.
What’s for sale?
A microwave, a sectional couch, perhaps the neighbor’s cat that digs up my plants if you can catch her…
Dishes from a Hard Rock Cafe



Clip art and font software, baskets, a queen sized red duvet with shams, the Martha Stewart wedding planner and a sandwich maker.


We also have a sectional couch, plus two of these pot racks, listed new for $80 online.

The Pot Rack After

And allllllll of this. My poor foyer. This junk stuff is going for $1 a piece. Everything is $1! ~ well almost everything.


These chairs

Chairs Before

and these chairs with a little while paint on them,


and the little side table I recovered.

Side Table

Also the banker’s chair that needs a little fixing, but it’s solid oak.

Banker's Chair

So, if you are around town and want to stop by send me an email and I’ll let you know where. 8:00am – 1:00pm or until we’re totally exhausted we have to close up shop. None of it is coming back into the house. That is a promise!

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  1. The chairs with the square back…..*SWOON*

    No space for them? They would look so cute refinished. If I was planning a trip down to the Buffalo area this weekend, I would totally come and buy them from you!

    Michelle from http://www.the236.net

  2. Good luck with your sale, Jessica. I’m with Michelle, those square backed chairs are pretty sweet and would be a fun DIY undertaking!

  3. Did you sell those rectangular backed chairs!?!? If not – do you still have them? Did you donate them! Wish I would have read this before now – I would have asked you to hold them for me! 🙂

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