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Hello all and happy Friday! Today I have a special treat for you. Serious eye candy from Tanja and Postmodern Hostess. Tanja is an awesome reader and I’ve invited here today to tell you a little about her home and her blog. Take it away Tanja!

Greetings, Decor Adventures readers!

While Jessica is away in Atlanta, enjoying those sultry, southern, summer nights (like all that alliteration? I was an English major after all), she’s letting me share a little bit about my blog with all of y’all. (More southern spirit there.)

My blog, Postmodern Hostess, is about everything we can do to be wonderful hosts and hostesses, from entertaining and cooking, to having a warm, inviting home that people want to hang out in, but — and this is the important part — without stressing out about any of it. How many people have you met who throw parties but then get so stressed preparing for it that they don’t even enjoy themselves? Or who overspend, thinking that they have to shell out a ton to make their home nice or their party worth attending? Or maybe that’s even you? Well there’s help, my friend.

Though I love posting on recipes and parties, all with lots of tips for keeping things simple and stress-free, easy home decor is what I get most excited about. So I’ll share a few of those projects with you y’all here today.

I love that easy decor isn’t a style, and it can look both casual and formal. Case in point, our first place‘s dining room, and our mountain home‘s dining room:

The green wall paint in the photo above is on its way out (it came with the house), but you still get the idea. Both rooms are super simple, but have totally different vibes, despite sharing a lot of the same design elements, like open lattice light fixtures, rectangular tables and yellow-green and neutral color schemes. Same deal with our first place’s living room and our current living and family rooms.

More formal first place:

More casual mountain home:

Some of the design choices we made out of practicality (it doesn’t make sense to have light-colored upholstery in the snowy/muddy/dusty/dirty mountains, where visiting kids are liable to jump on the couch, unlike in the city), but in both places, we wanted to create spaces that would draw visitors in and make them want to stay a while. If you want to see more of both places, come on over to Postmodern Hostess, or you can check out our first place on Apartment Therapy, as well as our kitchen remodel on the Kitchen.

Thanks again, Jess, for letting me guest post today! I hope you’re having an awesome time at Haven. (p.s. If you want to share any tips you picked up, I won’t try to stop you!)

Thanks so much to Tanja for showing her amazing home and posting here today. Please visit her here.  I’ll be back soon y’all {apparently I’ve picked it up that y’all from being here in Hot-lanta} 🙂

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  1. Hi Tanja, nice to meet you! Love the mountain home vibe! I’m headed over to your blog now to see more 🙂

    And Jessica, I’m with Tanja – won’t try to stop you if you want to share your insights from Haven! 😉

  2. It was so nice to come over here and see a guest post from Tanja! I love her blog (and yours too!)

  3. Thanks so much Tanja for guest posting and holding down the fort 🙂

  4. Great meeting you at Haven Conference. Thanks for coming to the Blogger PR panel and I hope you walked away with a few good tips. You have a great site!

  5. I hope you had a safe trip home. 🙂 Thanks again for the guest invite! Can’t wait to hear about your time at the conference.

  6. So cute, I’m heading over there right now, I have a 4th of July party coming up that I want to be as relaxed as possible since I step off a plane (with hubby and 3 kids in tow) the day before!

    Caught your name on Primitive and Proper so I decided to hop over and now follow along:)


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