What’s in the Paint Shop

Well I am almost done with classes for the semester. I mean, thisclose to being done. One paper due early next week and I am free for the summer. You know what that means, projects, furniture, and spray paint.
Yes I will be full force blogging and making over and doing all kinds of fun things. So thanks to those of you who have put up with my sporadic posting lately. There is more to come, starting this week. I got out to my workshop aka the garage and started working on some pieces.
Did I even tell you the hubs bought a router?  Now we can make our own picture frames and do all kinds of fun wood projects. Perhaps I can have a how to use a router post, what do you think?
He’s already made me this fun picture frame. It’s currently in the paint shop. Also know as my back driveway with all the weeds in it.

The frame is for this unique piece that I picked up at a local salvage shop. I thought it was so interesting, what do you think of it? Kind of like an old time hunger games participant right? Although I’ve not seen the movie or read the books, but she is an archer right?

Apparently it is from an inn that was torn down.


I just love the bright blue color so it will be going in my office above the fireplace. Very excited about that.

Also in the paint shop (well technically the primer shop) is a dresser that I will be doing a little British treatment too.  That piece I plan to sell unless of course I fall madly in love with it and can’t part with it.

Some of the drawers need repair and I hope they come out OK, I hate drawers that don’t fit.


And lastly we have these little shelves which will be making their way into the dining room for some much needed storage. I have the paint job all planned out. Perhaps a little white on the outside and grey on the inside? Yes I think so.


And with that I am back at it! Project heaven. And I even have the primer in my hair to prove it.

What are you up to this spring weekend? Oh, happy Cinco do Mayo. Margaritas? Yes please!

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  1. This weekend, well today we’re having friends over for dinner, so it’ll be a little spit and polish inside, maybe some weeding outside, and then tomorrow… hubs promised to help me with this one part of a project I need him for, so I can get busy with the paint! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  2. What color are you going to paint the frame?

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I’m thinking the frame will be silver. It’s for my office.

  4. Silver will play really nicely with that blue.

  5. I would definitely read a router how-to. That’s one of those tools we’ve thought about a bunch of times but never bought because we weren’t *quite* sure what to do with it, or how.

    That old timey archer lady is such a great find!

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