Window Treatment Updates

Or a post also know as the story of a girl who takes five+ trips to the store to decide about curtains….

A window treatment update for y’all – I’ve taken to saying it, even as a Northerner 🙂

You know by my tall, dark and handsome post seeking input on my windows that I’m in the midst of selecting curtains for the living room. What a feat!

Thanks to all of you who gave me such great advice, especially about making my own rod from electrical conduit, which I will try somewhere. I’m happy to report I have made some serious progress on the windows!

This quest for curtains (and a rod that fits) is in our living room. The space with the giant 11 foot molding. It’s enormous. I thought I was never going to find a rod that fit and looked good.


But wouldn’t you know it, Bed, Bath & Beyonce came through for me! <-- That's a Layla thing, I’m stealing it 🙂
I was in there one night wandering through the curtain section – and they do have some contenders – when I spotted this. The Cambria brushed nickel 88″-144′ curtain rod.

Be still my heart, 144 inches, just what I needed! I heart you BBB, and you’re not even paying me to say that. With that checked off my list I concentrated on the curtains.
Five trips to JCP later, I finally decided on what to get. Yes five trips. I seem to be crazy about this curtain selection thing. Who takes five trips to the same store to pick out curtains? Apparently this girl. And there were trips to just about every other store in between those five trips.

No store (even online) had exactly what I wanted which was pure white panels with silver grommets in a lined fabric with a slight sheen/texture to it. Who knew it would be impossible to find that right? It is, I’ve looked everywhere.

What I decided on, since these panels will be more for decoration than function, is that I could compromise on the grommets, which were the sticking point. I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted with the grommets I wanted and I wasn’t up for making them.

What I decided on are these. The Chris Madden Mystique in Cool White. I love the fabric but I’m not 100% on the rod pocket top yet. They were on sale for $22 each, I couldn’t go wrong, or so I hope.

What I also got is some nice charcoal grey suede-like fabric for the bottom of the panels. Since the curtains aren’t long enough I knew I had to sew more fabric on the bottom to make them touch the floor, which I’m OK with. I’m most looking forward to some contrast in the mostly beige room.

For fun I picked out some trim from Calico Corners which I am really excited about. I will be putting it between the white panels and the charcoal fabric on the bottom.

Before my trim comes in I plan to put up the rod and try out the panels to see if I like the rod pocket tops. I’ll probably hang the rod all the way against the wall since we have little clearance as you can tell.

I’m excited to see what they’ll look like next to the new bar and our wood trim.


VERY good progress I would say. For now the fabric is hanging out on the loveseat 🙂

We will have curtains up soon. I can almost see it.

Before I sign off for the day I wanted to give a special thank you to the one and only Thrifty Decor Chick {who I look forward to meeting at Haven} who included my painted laminate cabinet makeover in her April Before and After party this week. 

AND a special thank you to Beth at Home Stories A to Z for featuring my how to hang items on plaster walls in her weekly Tutorials and Tips Not to Miss party. I feel a special connection to Beth since she is an old house owner like me 🙂 And I also can’t wait to meet her.

I love these ladies {as much as I know them via our virtual blog friendship} and all that they inspire me to be as a blogger. This is a really big honor for me and I am thankful for the recognition!

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  1. Oooh can’t wait to see how it turns out!! So fun!

  2. I was expecting to see some beautiful window treatments. Teaser…lol. Your home is lovely and I’ll be back to see more.

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