What Graduate School Looks Like

Hi friends. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. It’s that time of year again for me over here. No Santa isn’t coming soon. No I’m not out gardening like I bet lots of you are.

I’m in the middle of the final month of the semester and there is lot of grad school fun happening at my place.

Ever wonder what graduate school looks like? Here is your chance to see.

This is pretty much what my kitchen island looks like many evenings and all weekend long when I’m in paper writing season, which it is right about …. now!

Graduate School

Come on, you know you want to pin it.

What exactly is going on here? Let’s take a look.

1. My water bottle. It goes with me everywhere and is behind the laptop so it doesn’t get spilled on the laptop. Smart right? I don’t pay tuition for nothing.

2. A random addition to the photo. New router bits for the router my husband got recently. I’m not complaining, he is making me a picture frame as we speak. See how I convince him to help with the blog “Honey I need a special sized frame, you want to cut it?”

3. Chips and salsa, my favorite food group. I’m serious. I could eat it every day. I need something to do while I’m typing out 20 pages. There is a cup of tea there too, apparently I was cold this day. I love green tea, I drink it a lot.

4. Books from the library for my paper. Yes the library, I love the library, it’s all free! Kind of felt like a nerd checking all 6 of these out, but a getting-my-books-for-free nerd, you know?

5. Articles and references I was using for the paper. Usually I go paperless and read everything on my iPad, these were an exception.

6. A sneak peak at the new island, which finally matches the rest of the kitchen. I’ll have more pics for y’all soon, promise.

7. Where I plant my behind for hours at a time. Most of that time I am writing a paper, only some of it I spend on Pinterest. Shh, don’t tell my professors.

Happy weekend! Please tell me you’re not writing papers like I am?


  1. Oooh… so sneaky to show just a tiny hint of the new island countertop. Share share!

  2. After being a SAHM for almost 19 years, I went back to college full time. I don’t have a bedroom for my things, i don’t have an office.. all I have is PILES AND PILES AND PILES.. I need some sort of organization!!

  3. Leah M. Briick says:

    Hey Jessica,

    I just stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest. I love that you are in grad school…you see I meet very few people like me…crazy enough to get a PhD. I am in the dissertation phase of mine. I recently began my own furniture business after leaving my full time job in June. I figured it was time to go on my own and follow my passions. Thanks for showing us your “classroom” and your projects. Now my next project…a blog….because writing my dissertation just isn’t enough!! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Hi Leah,

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m also writing my dissertation, it’s a long process for sure! I also left my job this year and so I’m focusing on the writing and now taking care of our new baby. Come visit again and good luck with your writing!

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