Sometimes You Just Rip Up the Carpet

Guess what this post is about?
Yes, me. A girl who rips up carpet when she is bored… My husband loved it 🙂
Here is the scoop. We moved into this house with carpeting in 2 of the 4 bedrooms and on the three staircases. Needless to say the red and green shag came out of the bedrooms before we officially moved in but the runners on the stairs? Yea, they’re still here.
Now hold yourself back from pinning this. It is good carpet action.  A hot new pattern.  This is what we’re living with on our split staircase.
Oh gosh the shame! It’s like living the master closet before all over again.
Let’s zoom in for the closeup on the shiny gold thingies that hold the carpet down. And the dust on my wood floor….
I know we will replace this carpet someday, perhaps not soon but I was so curious to see what the stairs look like under it and get it the heck out of there. Why not take it out now? It’s what every blogger does when she’s bored right? Tear things apart?
It wasn’t too hard. Some of it was only nailed it to the wood. Way to install carpet.


First off came the gold thingies. They were screwed into the wood.


Then I pulled back the carpet bit by bit. I didn’t know if it was even stapled on or what, but it was. Oh was it ever.


 I just yanked away and got attacked by some staples in the process as evidence by the band aid on my left middle finger. Those things are sharp.
I will spare you the gory details but it was not far off of that scene in New Moon when Bella cuts herself opening a birthday gift and there is a dramatic pause when she realizes there is blood coming out of her finger and she is in a house full of vampires.
This was me pulling out the carpet cutting my finger.
And they have to hold Jasper back from her.
Jasper is my favorite. I loved him in the baseball scene.
And then there is a dramatic pause since she is bleeding all over the carpet.
Yea it was just like that, except without Dr. McVampire to heal my wounds.  And I guess no vampires in my house either.


Back to the carpet!
I finished yanking it all out of there, trying my best to avoid more staples and soon it was all gone.

Nothing but dusty, creaky wooden stairs left.

Now I suppose I have to clean these right?


I was going to wait until hubs “just discovered” what I did but decided to be cautious and show him. He was not 100% happy. “Don’t take out anymore” he tells me.

We do have to replace the carpet eventually but at least part of it is gone.
Any vampire-like scenes in your decorating adventures recently? Happy weekend!


  1. Um – at least your stairs were in good shape under that carpet!!

    Good job 🙂

  2. The stairs look so much better already! The pretty runners from Dash & Albert might be a good choice for your stairs! 🙂

  3. You’re hilarious! Here I thought hubs was going to be Dr. McVampire… until I read the ‘not so happy’ part. But hubs does know by now that bloggers never put off until tomorrow what they can do today, right? Oh, I see… that’s his biggest fear! 😉

  4. Well, my 1st experience ripping up old nasty carpet in our home can be seen here: and then within the last few months I got busy again on the other side of our split stairs as seen here in our Christmas tour:
    Your pictures of ripping up the carpet brought back fond memories of discovering what was underneath. Unfortunately, I too, have been banned from further un-coverings. 🙁 Boo

  5. Haha! I’m laughing both at your account of the bleeding-among-vampires event and the reaction to you pulling up the carpet without “permission.” I can relate to both. I’m pretty sure that Mark or I have both shed blood in every renovation project. And I have to be good and not rip up aspects of the house without discussing it first. 🙂


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