Share Your Decorating Tips for Renters

I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. Who got to hunt for eggs? How about enjoy a chocolate bunny? I got to write a paper for class. Exciting I know. Only 3 more weeks of the semester and then I will be 100% home projects.
In a few weeks I’ll be presenting at a local housing fair about furniture makeover basics and decorating your home. I’d love to share with them some tips for renters specifically in making their spaces their own and want your help.
Do you have tips for renters on decorating?
What would you suggest to someone just starting out in decorating a place?
Any stores you always shop for accessories and the like?
Tricks to make a space feel like their own?
Inexpensive way to spruce up an apartment?
I’d love to hear it and I’ll be sharing these tips at the workshop itself.
One of my favorite photos to get us thinking about walls, lighting, color, furniture?
Let’s talk tips for renters.

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  1. One big tip I have for people just starting out is don’t be afraid to leave a space blank while looking for something you love. Don’t just fill it with your aunt Mildred’s ugly floral painting because you feel like its bad to have it empty, that will just leave you feeling more uninspired.

    Another tip for renting, ask the landlord if they mind you painting the space. Many of them will let you and that is a quick and inexpensive way to make a big impact. Some might charge a fee, or require you to paint it back when you move but it never hurts to ask!

    Also, focus on one area of your apartment, like the kitchen or your bedroom, and make that space feel especially like you. That way you always have a small spot to love/be proud of while you continue to work on the rest of your space.

    Maybe I should just write my own blog post on this! Haha.

  2. As a renter one of my biggest tips is don’t be afraid to install a closet organizer. We’ve installed and uninstalled closet organizers as well as rail & bracket shelving. When we moved we filled the holes over, sanded, and didn’t even have to paint! Be prepared to repaint if the closet colour (or wall colour) isn’t white, but so far we haven’t had to repaint. And we’ve enjoyed maximizing our space while living in a rental!

  3. My tip is to change out the light fixtures. Save the ones that came with the place and then exchange it when you move!

    BTW: that photo is taken by my lovely friend Janis Nicolay and the designer is a great gal -Karla Amadastu from Kerrisdale Design, she creates such amazing spaces. I have had the honour to work as her assistant!

  4. I think the best tip I can give from my (not that many but some) years of experience as a renter is a reminder that almost everything can be put right. So, don’t be afraid of hanging things (like the closet organizer Sheila suggested, or shelves we hung above our TV is our first-married home) on the walls, painting, etc. etc. When you move, be prepared to fill holes, sand, and repaint everything back.

    If something really sucks, like an outdated kitchen or a grungy bathroom, don’t be afraid of talking to your landlord about doing a little renovation, especially if you’re handy. Many will reject your proposal outright, but some will be glad to allow you to do some small or major renovations and will likely even pay for part or all of the materials.

    Love Barbara’s suggestion! That’s one thing we didn’t do and, in fact, lived without a cover on one of our light fixtures for a whole year because it was missing when we moved in. Silly, I know, but we never even thought about replacing the whole thing!

  5. I think wall decals are a great option for renters. They are temporary and fairly inexpensive. There are so many options.

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