Fireplace Inspiration

When the weather is cool outside like it is now, I tend to think about how nice it would be to have a working fireplace. While I was working in my home office I’ve been thinking about making some upgrades to my fireplace in the room, it could use some style. 
These are fireplaces that I love. Just how will do I my own? I don’t know yet, there are so many good ones to choose from.
My office fireplace has a wooden mantle and is just brick. I love the three colors on this one, the black firebox, the grey on the front and the white surround. This will be the look I go for.
I love the contrast of the wall with this fireplace, and the light in this room is stunning. Overall the fireplace is the prefect focal point.
Same with this one. And the height of the ram, plus the silver tray are positioned so perfectly.
The tile on this fireplace and the shelves, not to mention the art make this a show stopper. It’s so simply styled but beautiful.

Even if I got shelves for half the wall like this, it would be great storage.

Are you dreaming of upgrades in your space today?

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